Friday, January 29, 2010

can not wait

Four days and counting.
This is seriously THE most anxious I've ever been for a tv show.

Don't watch LOST??
You do have time to catch up...

Dave has never seen LOST. Matt convinces him to catch up on all the past episodes- over the course of 3 straight days:

Or you can catch up in five minutes:

Ooooh, I love it!!


Heidi said...

Just read your post about commenting so I figured I'd leave you one.
I totally forgot about LOST being on until I read this, which I think speaks for how disappointed I was in most of the last season.
This second video was great. I had Gabe watch it too and we both had a good laugh. And now I think we're both pretty excited about seeing how they start this final season.

jenny said...

wow, this is late, but i had to share. my best friend who lives in hawaii said the LOST cast is filming there (yesterday, today and tomorrow). they are actually filming at the school where she attends/teaches. SWEET huh?

it'd be sweeter if i'd have ever watched it to know what the fuss is about. :)

Kim said...

tom and i are in the middle of season 5... trying to catch up! i've actually been meaning to do a post about how LOST is ruining my life... i haven't been able to do anything else for weeks! but i love the show and can't wait!

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