Friday, January 22, 2010

how's about i complain a little more?

Man, it seems there's not been much cheery upbeat news around here lately. Looking at the last couple of weeks, this blog has turned into quite the downer.

I should mention
-Car's good. (for now)
-Nobody's been sick minus that one throw-up. (except I had a killer headache all day yesterday)

But I also want to mention
I'm tired.
I feel like I honestly haven't slept in over a week. Like since before our trip.
On our trip, the first night, I really didn't sleep. We didn't get to the hotel until midnight and after getting in and settled, obviously bedtime was in the AM hours. But combine that with my brain staying half awake trying to check the clock every half hour because Ryan had to be up at 6 for his interviews/meetings, and having two-foot-thick-so-fluffy-they're-uncomfortable pillows, and really that was nothing close to a night's sleep.
The next night; still uncomfortable and lots on my mind from the day. Probably slept a total of 5 hours.
The next night; ditto only moreso.
Next night; slept at the Robertsons, very comfortable, but still shared a room with Savannah -who kept smacking her lips in her sleep for some reason- and slept with half an ear open for Sawyer at the other end of the house.
Monday night; finally home! Looking forward to a good comfortable night's sleep... but spent it ready to spring into action because of vomiting child right before bed.
Next night; anticipating an undisturbed night of sleep, even taking a Unisom to make sure it's good and solid. Still woke up at 5am with a brain that won't turn off.
Next night; ditto only moreso.
Last night; didn't take Unisom as it obviously isn't helping my early morning rising and feel like I'm definitely more than tired enough to sleep a good 8 hrs on my own. WRONG. Didn't fall asleep till well after midnight (and by then it's too late to take anything) and was wide awake at 4am. Like finally-stomp-out-of-bed-I'm-so-sick-of-tossing-and-turning wide awake.
I just have entirely too. much. on. my. mind.
Arghhh... make it stop!

Can someone please just make decisions for us and tell us what to do and where to go and how to do it all?

I'm just ready for some happy things to happen and happy things to think about and not things that are stressing me out or that come with so much anxiety.
Oh, and some sunshine would be nice around here too!
Happy Friday.


K.M.L said...

Not being able to sleep is no fun... :(

Mom said...

Hopefully you are getting some much needed sleep right now.I will keep you & your decisions in my prayers. I would decide FOR you in a heart beat,if I could.But turn it over to God,(and a good realtor or two )and let it GO!! Otherwise you will make yourself sick.It's a stressful time,but GOD is big enough to help you through it all.You are loved!!!

jenny said...

ah, that's horrible when you can't get to sleep. i would try some nyquil on top of the unisom and really drug yourself out! :) kidding, but really, i hope you are able to rest your mind soon.

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