Wednesday, January 20, 2010

haven't you heard?

I thought my apparel was fitting for today.
That or I'm too lazy to get out of my pajamas... you make the call.

Yes, I'm vehicle-less once again. No word on the car yet... we took it back in yesterday afternoon. Keeping our fingers crossed!

So it's just me and the boys hanging out on this foggy, rainy day.
I should make some cookies or muffins or something to warm up the house. And to cheer me up. It just seems especially cold and gray today. Maybe it's just the mood I'm in. It did thankfully stop raining just long enough for Caleb and I to walk Sawyer to and from school. It was chilly but at least we weren't getting soaked.

And now we're parked here for the afternoon. I'm going to start up some Italian Meatball Soup for dinner and get around to the laundry I've been putting off all morning. Mmm, and maybe
pop in some beer bread.


Mom said...

Your makin' me hungry! XOXOXOXO

jenny said...

okay, i need those pj's/shirt. lol! fingers crossed for your vehicle. :)

Kim said...

Cute shirt. I need some PJ's. I wear ugly t-shirts and sweats. Maybe some pj's will make me feel less like a sloppy housewife.

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