Monday, January 18, 2010

please no

So we're back from our little trip and I'll write all about it after we process things a bit...
and after I'm sure my son is done puking.

Yes -Amie, after JUST saying we've not had to deal with throw-ups in a long time and not with him specifically in a long, long time- we got home this afternoon and after dinner when I ran to the store, Ryan called me to tell me to hurry home as I was missing all the excitement. Sawyer lost it all over himself and the kitchen (luckily) floor.
He'd been extra whiny all day, super sleepy in the car, he ate a great lunch but no dinner saying his tummy was stuffed and it felt funny. So while I was gone he finally tossed it.
Ryan cleaned him up and when I got right home (Sawyer was super excited to tell me "Guess what happened Mom?!!?!!) the kiddo pretty much went right to bed.

I'm hoping it's a fluke thing and not a flu thing... cuz I don't really know what to do about tomorrow; we have a packed full agenda for the day. I have MOPS in the morning, which it is a craft day so I'm in charge, then speech class and then a program I'm supposed to attend at Savannah's school while shipping the boy off to a friends' house. All with Caleb here too.
So I'm really hoping Sawyer stays nice and quietly tucked in asleep until morning and that he wakes up fine and that we can ignore this little bout here this evening like it never happened.

Although, my stomach's been feeling funny all evening now too and I'm really hoping that's all in my head!!


Mom said...

Not the news I was hoping to hear when you returned.Hope you ALL get a good nights sleep and all is back to normal for your busy Tuesday. xoxoxoxoxo

jenny said...

poor kid! i hope he's doing better today. tucker had the pukes not too long ago and it only lasted one night if that gives you any hope. hope your week improves! you need to catch a break!

Amie R. said...

Not cool! It was probably because he ate a whole package of string cheese in 3 days! ;)

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