Tuesday, November 10, 2009


So I want to bury my drama and 'woe is us' from yesterday, but we had class tonight so I once again didn't get around to going through overdue birthday pictures -tomorrow I promise!!- and am left with having to post something tonight off the top of my head before I head to bed.

How about a Tuesday Top Ten?...
I've been enjoying my kids enjoying some good old classic things I relish from my childhood lately; they discovered The Flintstones this summer, they've spent the past year laughing along with Tom and Jerry and all things Charlie Brown and Snoopy, they both have a collection of the Mr. and Little Miss books that they love and there are a few oldie but goodie toys that are out constantly in the playroom as of late. Transformers, Lite Bright, classic games like Perfection and Trouble... I love that those great things from our childhood can still capture kids' attention.

On that note, here are my Top Ten Favorite, Most Played With, Toys From My Childhood:
1. lite bright
2. shrinky dinks
3. a big wheel
4. a bike with a banana seat
5. fisher price little people (camper set was my fave) (or parking them in their cars at the "drive-in", otherwise known as the tv when there was a show on I wanted to watch.)
6. holly hobby anything
7. ditto strawberry shortcake
8. see 'n say
9. Mr. Spell
10. roller skates

What were your favorites as a kid?


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