Wednesday, November 11, 2009

robot #4

So if you hadn't figured it out by now, Sawyer had a robot birthday party this year for his fourth birthday celebration.
We had a lot of fun planning it and now we have robots up to the eyeballs, so I thought I'd share...

First up at the party, the kids decorated up some "robot bellies", as Sawyer called them, for themselves. We prepped brown paper bags and covered them with duct tape ahead of time and had the kids decorate them with colored tape, stickers and some spray painted knobs, wheels and craft sticks. They turned out awesome!
(while the boys loved the projects, they only lasted a few minutes while all the girls would have stayed for an hour focused on their works of art. of course we didn't grab the camera until after the boys had vamoosed from the table...)

The kids donned their finished "robot bellies" and we moved into the living room for a robot dance-off. :) We conjured up a playlist of "robotic" songs and played freeze dance and just enjoyed the kids' crazy robot moves!

[pretend there's a picture here of the whole group in their robot costumes... this is where my memory card turned up full in my camera... and when I quick tried to change it out realized ALL of my cards were full... in the midst of a party of six crazy kids waiting for more games! needless to say I didn't get around to transferring stuff for awhile and missed out on some great shots :( ]

We also played Red Light Green Light and Simon Robot Says.

Then we had dinner... I found these robot plates in the dollar spot at Target awhile back.


Not too robotic, but just for memory's sake, our menu consisted of Cheeseburgers on a stick, little smokies, chips, veggie snacks, grapes, pretzel sticks with Twizzlers and Pixie sticks thrown in there. Again, I don't think I got any pictures, but everything was laid out on the island in foil, stainless, and silver dishes. The silverware, Twizzlers and Pixie sticks were in tin cans that I gave a quick spray of metallic paint to and I thought they looked pretty cute!

After dinner of course was cake!!

I asked Sawyer, before the party, to pose for me by his cake.

As you can see was none too enthused...

Oh, I almost forgot I found these little dancing robots at Micheals and of course just had to get them; they crack me up! I almost want to take a video of them to post on here, they are just so cute when they dance. These were the prizes for the kids after the dance-off.

And of course some goodies to take home...
I found the template for these bag toppers here and filled their bags with a cool robot soap, stickers, candy and other random treats. Sawyer wasn't interested in a lengthy invite list, so for the two best friends that he did invite, we made it a whole family affair. Both of them had an older sibling (Savannah's age) who joined in on the activities as well as younger siblings (not yet walkers) who enjoyed watching the activities! For the babies I put together their own goodie bag with some snacks and treats for them :)

We had a great time and I think Sawyer got his fill of Robot!


Trish Girard said...

wow... looks like everything turned out really well! Wish I could have been there. Tell everyone that I said Hi and that I love them!

Anonymous said...

first of all I CANNOT believe he is four. he looks so grown up and is such a cute kid.

and second you always have the best parties. :) I think you said once you should do this for a job - you totally should!

gina said...

too cute! i'm going to bookmark this post, LOVE the dress-up. i was just telling my husband last night that i should have done robots instead of dinosaurs for my boy's year! :)

did you make the cake?

jessica said...

You are a super-fun mom, Heather. I love all this. And those cute kids.

Christina said...

as I expected, the party turned out awesome! All your attention to detail is impressive. I love how creative you are from the robot costumes for everyone to decorate, to the sprayed tin cans that held the snacks. You are too cool Heather!

Steph said...

What a cute theme. I love the 'bellies'!! You did an awesome job on the cake. I love that it sits on metallic cans!

Nicole said...

I looove the theme! SO CUTE! You really came up with a lot of great things to go along with the theme.... my fav is the "bellies". Such a fun project!

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