Thursday, November 12, 2009


Sawyer and I are leaving for Portland next Tuesday.
I just realized we have a four hour layover in Denver.
What am I supposed to do with a four-year-old in an airport for four hours?


anne said...

Oye. I have never traveled the skies with my kid, so I really don't know what options are out there. I do know that some airports have kiddie playlands- you could kill some time there. Have lunch at a restaurant?? Peruse the shops? Run back and forth down the corridors? Are you bringing a DVD player? That could buy you some time.

Mom said...

Are you bringing your computer?? Does it have any games Sawyer can play? Otherwise you had better get travel "trouble" and maybe a few other travel games.You know he would never tire of playing games. :) XOXOXO Gramma G

Anonymous said...

Heather - Denver is an awesome airport. My sister lives in Boulder and I have spent some time in it. It has neat shops, a playground (if I remember correctly), and lots of good places to eat. My sister told me it is like that because people get "stuck" there often due to weather conditions. Have fun on your trip!!


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