Wednesday, November 25, 2009

here we go

Our other half is on their way here...

Sawyer and I have had the nice relaxing week here, spending whole days with friends, just hanging out, doing whatever we want.

Now Ryan and Savannah join the picture and we will be non stop scheduled to the brim for the next six days:

Today: they arrive, Jenn and Greg will be here for the afternoon and then Ryan's parents will join us all for dinner.
Thanksgiving: Early dinner with this side of the family and then over to the west side for a second dinner with mine.
Friday: hang out with the family a bit more (maybe some shopping?) and then head out to the beach for the afternoon with some good friends.
Saturday: drive back from the beach early for a family picture with my family in the am, spend the afternoon with Ryan's dad and his family, head to a friends house that evening for a game night with all our old friends from church.
Sunday: church, lunch with friends, back for some more time with both our families.
Monday: spend the last day with Ryan's mom, sisters and family.

Then we're back in the air on Tuesday.
And will probably need another vacation at that point!...


Heather S. said...

Wow! You are going to be busy!!! Have fun and Happy Thanksgiving!!

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