Friday, November 13, 2009

spotlight on Sawyer #4

Here's this year's version of the interviews I like to do with the kids around their birthdays each year.
I looked up the last one from Sawyer at Savannah's birthday last year (his is after Savannah's)... hmmm he's pretty consistent in his answers!
And we did it when he turned three last year, but I video taped it and never posted it. Maybe I'll get around to doing that!

Anyway, here's this year's... at Four Years Old!

When I get home, the first thing I like to do is... vacuum. (???)

Some words that describe me would be... Sawyer Isaac Morrison.

The best thing about being a kid is... being four.

The best thing about being Four Years Old is... playing the game Trouble

The very best dinner would be... macaroni and cheese.

Some of my favorite songs are... (starts singing and made up song on the spot) Jeeeesus! Jeeeesus! Jeeesus, I looooove you!

When I grow up I want to be... a firefighter.
Why? cuz I love to put out fire.
Have you ever put out a fire before? no
Then how do you know you love to put out fires? cuz I know I'll know how to... I can aim good!

One thing I like about having a sister is... playing Trouble with her.

One thing I don't like about having a sister is... that she goes to school.

My dad is... Ryan
What does he look like? he is fat and big and has eyes, little tiny eyes (squinting his eyes shut with his fingers) and toes.

My mom is... Heather
What does she look like? a mom.

When I am a dad I will... be a firefighter. And I can use the knives that we can't use when we're little.


jessica said...

I see next year's birthday theme emerging!

jenny said...

this little interview totally made me smile. i love kid thinking and logic! :)

Debbie R. said...

So.....cute! I can just picture him describing his dad with the eyes gestures! He is so funny! Give him a big hug for me and tell him I can't wait to see him in just a few days.....and ask him to call me today or tomorrow!
Love, Grandma Debbie

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