Wednesday, October 14, 2009


It used to be that life unfolded as a series of blog posts for me.
Even as events were happening, I was writing about them in my mind, as a way to get through them if they were unwelcome or to celebrate them if they were wonderful.

Now, more and more, I just experience them, and after they are over I have a hard time remembering the little things that made them so special or so frustrating.
The everyday things just slip away so easily.

I'm not sure how to get back into that mindset. How to get back into the habit of recording things here for my memories.
I keep thinking, when life slows down... when I get caught up on all the things I have to get caught up on around here...

But it's been three months now since I've done any regular kind of blogging and I'm just not sure life is ever going to slow down for me. It's looking like this is the new normal around here.
I need to regroup. I need to recharge. I need to renew.

But when?


Mom said...

Well some of us really look forward to your posts & pictures. Maybe when we arrive you can find some time to regroup,recharge,renew.Do I hear the need for a mini-getaway for two ??? XOXOXO

Nicole said...

I FEEL THE SAME WAY!!! Its driving me nuts. I feel like I'm not documenting the daily things, just recapping what we've been up to. I feel like I'm too busy to just soak up the moment or something....

kim said...

I feel like I could have written this exact same post. I look back on my old more 'everyday'-type posts and feel sad that I don't keep up on it like I used to.

jenny said...

aaaah! what's happening to everyone? lol!

i've blogged less lately than i ever have. then when i do blog, it's like i draw a blank even though we've been super busy.

miss your posts. come back soon. :)

Kim said...


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