Monday, October 5, 2009

checking in

It was sure a beautiful fall weekend around here. We didn't have a ton going on, but stayed busy all the same. Lots of family time, lots of relaxing, lots of just enjoying a great weekend together...

Friday after piano lessons, we met up with some friends for dinner at Chik-fil-A. We ended up spending over two hours in the restaurant just chatting with the kids playing. At one point Sarah and I left the dads to keep an eye on the kids in the play place and wandered over to World Market for to grab a couple of goodies. Good friends, good conversation, good shopping and a great evening!

Saturday we all slept in a little and then I spent some quality alone time at Target and Michael's. That's always a welcome reprieve! Got the rest of the supplies I needed for our Boo deliveries this week.
Came home and had a great lunch and spent the afternoon riding bikes and spending some time outside in the cool crisp sunshine. Ryan and Sawyer had a little guys night that evening as Savannah had a birthday party (her first real slumber party!!) and I had a mom's night with our MOPs group. We had a game/trivia night and it was really fun. Tons of great laughter and tons of great food.
(I made this dip to share and put it on a tray with graham cracker sticks, chocolate graham crackers, mini nilla wafers and STRAWBERRIES. The strawberries with this dip are the absolute yummiest!!)

Sunday after church we hit up Costco for lunch and some groceries and then met Mike, Kasey and Evan back at our house to hang out for the afternoon. Kasey and I are gearing up for a garage sale this weekend and so they brought a load of stuff out and we got to spend the afternoon together, love on Evan a little and finish up with some yummy orange chicken for dinner! Meanwhile, the sun was shining, the air was nice and cool and crisp and it was just about the perfect fall weather you could ever order up.

Too bad I haven't had any time to do any actual fall baking this morning... Mmmm, I'm so in the mood for that!


Mom said...

Sounds like life is good.Missing you ....XOXOX

Anonymous said...

Mmmm, will have to try the dip with strawberries! Glad you liked it!

Christina said...

Sounds like you are enjoying the Fall! We are too. I've been getting my Boo bags together for delivery this week too. I told John last night, "Guess what you get to do this week?" He asked, "What?" I said, "you get to go out with EMilio and delivery boo bags." His reply, "Oh sh#%!" I don't think he enjoys it as much as the kids and i do. hee hee.

Oh, and I'm gonna have to try that cheese chocolate ball for sure!

jenny said...

i wish i could do the 'boo bag' thing where i live - but i'm afraid my neighbors would think i've gone batty. how do you get everyone to catch on?

that dip sounds like it is to DIE for. i must make soon. for myself. :)

Steph said...

Yum, that dip looks good!! Thanks for sharing :)

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