Sunday, October 25, 2009

in the pot

Quick! We're going to go through a big push for more recipes for our blog collection in the next few weeks so I can have enough to make a good little book... watch for a few more categories coming in the next little bit. Send me all your favorites, don't be shy! While you're at it, make the recipe and send me some pics of the yumminess if you can!

This call is for crock pot/slow cooker recipes... perfect time of year!
Email me your recipes and pics to notes4heather (at) yahoo (dot) com.

(as always, check out the sidebar for past categories and know we'd appreciate any additional recipes you can share to bulk up our little cookbook!)


jenny said...

hmmm, my first comment just disappeared.

i was going to tell you how i had pulled all my favorite recipes from my recipe box and had LOST them. i didn't realize i had did so until my husband was going to make me my favorite dish and couldn't find it's recipe anywhere. whoops! i meant to email them to you and forgot. looks like recipe search is on - because i really want to share! :)

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