Wednesday, September 30, 2009

i walk

I've started a walking program of sorts. "Training" for a 10K.

Walk, not run. Just wanted to make sure there's not confusion here. I am not a runner. Will never be a runner. Have no desire to run.
I could walk forever... speed walk, walk with weights, walk miles and miles fast and strong... but run?
Nothankyou. That's a line I'm not crossing!

The annoying crazy thing is, I keep running (haha- not really RUNNING of course!) into friends or have been in touch with people I haven't seen in months, so many lately, who have suddenly become avid runners. They've somehow discovered this new found love of torturing themselves running and they can't stop talking about how much they enjoy it. That they used to think they hated running, but now they can't live without it.

Uh-uh. Not me. Never.

But the thing is? The thing that gets me?
They all look amazing. They've all lost a very noticeable amount of weight... and it's not like they were overweight to begin with... just an extra few pounds here and there that they seemed to hold on to forever. Just like me.

And then they started running.
(or like my crazy awesome friend Heather who decided to tackle a triathalon! Always liked running but decided to kick it up a notch... and lived to tell about it! And she's so skinny now!!)
And those extra pounds melted away.

Which *almost* makes me want to like running.

But not really enough to make me actually want to like running.


I'll stick to walking.
And hey, my dad lost a hundred pounds by walking every day. So you don't have to run.
Something's better than nothing, right?

So, just to give myself a goal and a schedule, more to make myself accountable than anything, I'm following this routine of sorts. Walking 6.2 miles (that's what 10K is right?!) is no big deal... I could walk that no problem today. But the schedule I have gives me shorter walks, longer walks, bursts of speed walking and such, assignments for hill walking, steps, etc. Mixes it up, makes it interesting and I feel like I'm working toward a goal. Mostly, it just makes me get out there every day.
In the end as my goal, really as my reward, for sticking with the training agenda, I was wanting to participate in an organized 10K walk. Problem is, I can't really find any walks around here this fall. I spent a whole evening trying to look some up and the only one I would be interested in is actually taking place while we're out of town in November. Bummer. Otherwise there is, I think, some sort of get healthy, get moving, fitness awareness type walk/run in my time frame, but I was really hoping to do a charity walk. I might have to wait until next spring.

Any locals want to be my walking buddy? Or know of any charity run/walks (emphasis on the walk) around here this fall?


anne said...

Walking is much better on the knees:) I, too, despise running with a passion.

Heather S. said...

You crack me up! Let me state for the record that I have not exercised much since the triathlon and I have already put some weight back on! Ugh! I need to kick it back in gear but after training like CRAZY for the tri, I have lost some motivation!

Amanda said...

Good for you Heather! Walking is great exercise and as long as you are doing it fairly quickly it's just as good as running and better on your joints. ;)

Anonymous said...

Heather - try the Fleet Feet website or go to their store in Chesterfield. I know of a great half marathon (13.2 miles) in early November that starts in Clayton! I for one LOVE to run but always say don't do it if you don't like it. Walking is great also and super great form of exercise. Have fun!

Steph said...

I'd love to be your walking partner! I just live on the other side of the planet... ok, not really. ;) I hate running too. But I try to do it as often as I can and I feel so good after it. Doesnt mean I like it though.

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather,

I'm so excited for you. Having a schedule to follow and goal definitely makes it more doable to actually do it! I looked up 10K walks in Oregon while you're here, but I didn't find any. But I did find several by you in October, Noveber and December. There's even one in O'Fallon and Chesterfield on October 24th. Check out Just do a search for walking, 10K and St. Louis Missouri and you should find several.
You should keep training to walk a marathon and come do the Portland Marathon next year (Oct. 10). There were 1,000 walkers this year. And I think what I've heard is that it's the marathon with the most walkers. I thought it was a really good course. It's beautiful, it's pretty flat and it was a lot of fun. You could definitely do it!!!

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