Tuesday, August 11, 2009

overly whelmed

Oh Hi!
Yes I still consider myself a blogger. I just haven't had two seconds to breathe. Well, two seconds plus access to the internet, that is. All of my down time was spent next to a lake or in the forest in the middle of nowhere which is nice for the here and now of relaxation, but not so conducive to the catching up of the interwebs.

We arrived home last night and not only do I have merely two days to unpack, regroup and decompress before our next house guests arrive, but these two/three days are ridiculously crammed full of appointments and meetings and must-dos. Allow me to share:

Savannah's school supply lists are teacher specific. Savannah's class lists were posted the day before we left for vacation. Supplies are due tomorrow. Meaning we were on the hunt today. Three different stores... all sold out of a handful of things on her list. Ugh.
We spent the morning (unsuccessfully) school supply shopping, as well as grocery shopping. This evening we have a mandatory orientation for our foster-adopt curriculum.
Tomorrow Sawyer has a dr appt for his preschool physical in the am and then Savannah has her meet the teacher/get settled into the classroom hour after lunch. (which means I have another 24 hrs to find the rest of the random scavenger hunt things on her list.) In the evening we have an important church meeting as well.
Then Thursday I have a morning of Sawyer's preschool registration stuff, Jenn and Greg arrive at 5pm and we'll just barely get them in the house when Ryan and I have to run to Sawyer's preschool orientation.
Jenn and Greg are here thru Monday night and then Savannah starts school on Wednesday.

Don't forget to add the fact that we're all pretty exhausted from our trip and I woke up this morning having to scrape myself out of bed as it seems I'm now being bowled over by some sort of cold/flu thing. DayQuil is my friend.

Can you say crazy?

All that and I have a dozen important phone calls to return, my email is absolutely overflowing and I'm afraid to even look at my Google reader. I need a week of vacation just to catch up on this blog alone... what seems like a million posts due here; including, but not limited to-
  • the kitchen (and bathroom pics!!) before all this craziness
  • the fun and busyness of the week with the Smiths here
  • vacation: our stay with our family at the lake/family reunion
  • the rest of our road trip thru South Dakota to see all the sights
  • the fact that this is the last week before Savannah starts 1st Grade!!!
  • a million other little ins and outs of the last two (almost three!!!) weeks
  • my sister's due to have her baby any day

I just had to check in and say we're here, we're alive, we're almost halfway through our craziness of August.
Don't mind me, I'm just completely overwhelmed with life right now... and there's no sign of it letting up any time soon. At the rate I'm going I'll see ya sometime in September October! HA!


Kim said...

the other day i wasn't even online, i don't remember what i was doing, but i randomly thought, gosh, i wonder where heather is!? :) glad to have you back.

Amanda said...

We had the worst time school shopping too!!! Wal-mart had crayons, erasers and pencils but not plain folders and glue sticks. Meijer had glue sticks but were out of pencil boxes, Target had plain folders and no 5' blunt-tip scissors....Errr! What a pain! I guess I just need to shop a little sooner next year.

LeeAnn Howard said...

Im with you in the busyness. And even more so now with a new baby... Im not sure when ill get to be blogging again. Although these are the times that i need to be blogging about. LOL! Enjoy your next few weeks! :)

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