Thursday, August 13, 2009


There's been an unfortunate combination of Lazy Blogger and entirely Too Much Going On this past month summer, and I'm not only behind on documenting the big, fun stuff, but also the little funnies day to day.

So real quick, here are a couple of things from yesterday I wanted to jot down...

While we were away on vacation, the Swinigans kept our pet frogs.
(Didn't know we had pet frogs??... oh yeah- that's because I never wrote about it. Refer again to initial sentence of this post)
Savannah was headed over yesterday to play with Norah so she made the family a thank you card for their pet-sitting services. I didn't read it until we were on our way over there, and when I did, it sure had me chuckling...
the front read:
Thank You a hole lot!
Dear Swinigans,
Thanks for keeping our frogs.
Did you feed them crickets?
Did I hear a YES?
You better have!
Love, Sawyer and Savannah, Ryan and Heather, Frank and Fruity (the frogs)

Hehe. Did I hear a yes? She cracks me up!

Also a couple of things from Sawyer...
I ended up really sick on Tuesday and had been in bed with a horribly achy head, the chills and a throw up bowl when the kids got ready for bed that evening. They had both come in to say goodnight and Sawyer left with a "hope you feel better soon Mommy!"
Well, in the morning I did feel much better (still annoying cold symptoms, but at least the fever/flu stuff was gone) and I was downstairs before Sawyer woke up. When he did wake and come downstairs he was calling ahead for me...
"Yeah bud?"
"Mom, are you feeling better today Mom?" Awww.
I was surprised and touched that that was his first thought in the morning; to come looking for me to see how I was.

But amusingly, that evening, as I was tucking him into bed (and had recently had a sneezing fit making my hoarse voice sound even more stuffed up and sick) he didn't seem so concerned;
Sawyer has a bugbite on his neck.
He asked me, "Why did God make us have necks? So our head can stay on? Why do we need to keep our head on? Why do we need a head?"
We were playing around being a little silly and I said "So I can pinch your cheeks."
He said, "And so we can keep our ears on and hear?"
"And so we can see,"
"So we can snore?"
Then I said, "So we can give goodnight kisses" and I puckered up for him.
He held up his hand, suddenly dead serious, and retorted, "No kisses for me tonight Mom, you have a cold!"
"Okay, how about a hug then?"
"Uh, no. You're sick with a cold all over."
So he blew me a kiss.

Then for prayers, we usually hold hands, but when I asked, he informed me (like, DUH) "You probably have the cold on your hands too, so I'm not going to touch your hands either."
Apparently I suddenly have a germ-a-phobe under my roof.
Hope I'm over this soon; I missed my hug and kiss from that little guy last night!


Mom said...

Those grandkids of mine are too cute.Love the note Savavnnah wrote.And I am already missing Sawyers hugs & kisses.Sorry to hear you caught the crud,but glad it was short lived.XOXOXOXXO

Steph said...

Hahaha... how cute!!
Welcome back! :)

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