Wednesday, July 22, 2009

two days

I have nothing of interest to blog because I have nothing on my mind but my to-do lists. I have two days left before we embark on approximately five weeks of either traveling or constant visitors. Ryan's sister Holly, her husband and three daughters (aged three and under) (I'd link to them, but they never update their website...) arrive this Friday. They'll be here all next week, leaving for a wedding in Chicago the following weekend... the same day we're heading out on our road trip. Arriving home from our trip we'll have a day (maybe two?) and then Ryan's little sister Jenn is coming with her husband for a five day visit. We then have a three day break (in which school starts!) until Ryan's dad and brother show up for a long weekend with us. Then the following week Ryan's mom and step-dad fly in to spend six days surrounding labor day weekend with us.

I'm exhausted just typing all of that.

Meanwhile, we're finally wrapping up projects around here (pictures to post!)(when I get time!) and I'm on a cleaning organizing frenzy trying to get ahead of everything before our slew of houseguests and prep and pack for a trip of our own thrown in there.

So, for lack of better blog content, I'm hashing out my to-do list right here and now...
I feel like I've already managed quite a bit this morning!
(and I'll keep coming back to check them off as completed!)

-caulk the kitchen backsplash (Ryan)
-put handles on doors/drawers (Ryan)
-retouch kitchen wall paint
-clean fabric seats of kitchen chairs
-scrub and shine kitchen sink
-clean out fridge
-clean laundry room (looked like a tornado hit after the overflow of the kitchen project)
-do laundry (partial-)
-repot flowers on deck
-clean the aquarium (Ryan)
-clean half bath (put potty chair away)
-clean upstairs bathrooms
-(allergy)spray down Sawyer's bedroom
-hang Savannah's bulletin board
-hang Savannah's curtains
-wash all sheets
-mop kitchen and entryway floor
-straighten up garage (Ryan?)
-put frames up in playroom (Ryan)
-wash windows
-dust/vacuum everywhere
-power wash the patio (Ryan)

I'm also watching a friend's kids this afternoon and have to take Savannah to a birthday party tomorrow afternoon and make and deliver dinner to a couple who just had a baby. And I suppose I should probably sit down and plan some meals and do some grocery shopping at some point!

Wow. I need a nap...


Anonymous said...

That is one stinkin' long list. But as Heidi just stated,you did check off a bunch allready. Good luck with the rest! XOXOXOXXO Mom

Ryan said...

one more thing to add to your list: 5 more episodes of Big Love Season 3 (this has a good chance of being completed)

deals hunt said...

Good List!! you have done good job

Steph said...

Phheww... what a list! I hope you survive it all!

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