Tuesday, June 9, 2009

10 reasons to go camping this year

My kids have been talking about camping already almost every day for the past couple of months. They cannot wait to get our first trip planned. I have to admit I'm ready to get out there too! I'm anxious to see how many trips we can squeeze in this summer and fall...

We have lots of friends who love to camp and lots who don't. We're always trying to convert the "non-campers" by convincing them to give it a try. Some of our absolute favorite memories of friends and of our kids and of our family are from miscellaneous camping trips. You can never have too many of those memories.

So in the summer camping spirit, here's a top ten list for today:

Ten Reasons You (yes, I mean YOU) Should Go Camping This Year(in no particular order)

Reason #1: You have tried everything else to peel the kids
(or the husband?) away from the tv and video games. Gotta give them something else exciting to occupy their active minds. Something like Surviving In The Wilderness.
Reason #2: You can't remember the last time you saw a shooting star. It's time to see the Big Dipper beyond the computer screen.
Reason #3: The only bird chirping you have ever woken up to is the cuckoo clock in your grandmother's living room.
Reason #4: Your kids will thank you. I have never known anyone who grew up camping, or even just took a camping trip or two as a kid, who didn't appreciate those memories. Whether it was with friends or family or both... people treasure those as part of their classic kid memories. I've never heard anyone say "I wish my parents had never taken me camping".
Reason #5: Food tastes better outdoors. I don't know why, it just does. One of the Great Mysteries of Life.
Reason #6: Its affordable. You can buy all the camping gear you need with the equivalent of a couple nights hotel stay. And you get to keep the gear to use again and again year after year.
Reason #7: Enjoy the inheritance that was saved for you. In 1916, our great-grandparents' generation made a commitment to preserve, protect and share the natural beauty of this land through the National Park Service so that we, almost 100 years later, could enjoy it. When was the last time you enjoyed the natural beauty of our national parks?
Reason #8: Camping is so easy today. Down-filled sleeping bags, 10-minute-one-person-set-up tents, comfy air mattresses, instant fire starters, one-touch lanterns and yes, that portable grill. Modern camping equipment is easy enough for even the most beginner campers. (or not-so-beginner-campers who still need things simple and spelled out... like me!)
Reason #9: There are many ways to camp, so you can choose what suits you best. There's rustic cabin camping, yurts, car camping, RV camping and backpacking or whatever combination you can come up with. Start where you're comfortable. Chances are, you'll want to explore other more adventurous camping with time.
Reason #10: You have never gone camping before. Well, then you absolutely have to go camping this year. Do it before you are even more set in your ways. Do it before you take yourselves too seriously. Do it before the kids leave the nest. Do it before you can't do it. In other words, just do it.

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Mom said...

Next summer we will make a special effort to come just to go camping with you guys. I have only camped in Or & Wa.,we need a new camping experience. Unless you would rather come here to go camping...XOXOXOX

Katie said...

You're getting me motivated to make our first camping trip a success! Thanks! Wish us luck.:)

Whitney said...

We love to camp. My parents actually stay at the river for most of the summer. We haven't camped overnight this year though. With a six month old, it's just easier to spend the day/night & drive home. I agree, everyone should at least give camping a chance.

Blondie said...

I went once, more than 25 years ago. That was enough for me! I'll stick to air conditioning, thanks! (That said, I have one, maybe two, nice, four-person tents. Go figure!)

Nicole said...

We've recruited a few friends this summer.... Jane, LeeAnn, Leslie and Katie have never been camping (or if they have, it was a LONG time ago). So, this weekend trip should be interesting! At least a couple of their husbands are "wilderness-y"

Gabe and Heidi's P.A.D. said...

I'm really sad that we probably won't be going camping this summer. I remember going with you when you were pregnant with Sawyer...and miserable. I don't think I want to give that a try.
Fortunately, our little guy will be almost a year next summer and we'll take him!
Roast some marshmallows for me.

Anonymous said...

i loooove camping. i not sure we're going this year - i'm going to be HUGE and not sure how comfy i'll be on an air mattress - but we'll see. i can't wait to take max though, i think he'll love it.

maybe this is a dumb question... but how are the little kids around the fire? i feel like i'd be so on edge all the time with max running around and having a fire going. we had one at our cabin a few weeks ago and it was fine, but that wasn't like a 'campsite' atmosphere where you're around and doing other stuff... more like we just made a fire and had s'mores, then went inside. usually when we camp, we have a fire going almost all the time we're at our campsite. any thoughts on that??

jenny said...

love, love, love camping! i also love fishing and that comes with the whole ball of wax. :)

tucker has been camping every summer with us. we usually have one 'adult' camping trip alone, but he comes with us the rest of the time. he LOVES it! it is so fun to see them explore! last year was the first time he was on a boat though and after a few trips he was loving that too! it is such a great family thing to do together.

we already have three weekends set in stone to camp - two of which are this month! i'm so excited.

kim - we've never had trouble with tucker around the fire. we just tell him (over and over again) that he cannot go near it. if we make smores or something, we will let him 'help' us, but i think the more you reinforce the danger, the more they understand. max is smart, he'll get it. even with everything going on around the campfire, everyone is still usually looking out for the little gompers. we also have fire's in our backyard quite a bit and we go over and over the dangers with him there too. i guess you can never be too safe.

Anonymous said...

I have a blog (at www.picturecamping.com) where I love to feature people's blog posts about camping, and this one is so inspirational! I also love to convert the non-campers in my life. Would you mind if I quote you? Of course, I'll give you full credit and will link back to your blog.

Thanks for considering this,

Jean B. in SC

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