Sunday, May 24, 2009

take two

I cannot believe it's been two years since we first moved here and last spent a fun-filled hot summer day out in Columbia with the Laughlin family. I just cannot believe it's been that long. I cannot believe that last time Sawyer was just eighteen months old -and he's now three-and-a-half (!!). I also cannot believe it's only still May and yet it felt completely like we were in the middle of summer break!

Honestly, it felt like we were just doing that yesterday.

But it's beeen two years.
Well this weekend we had very much the same day we had back then.
Mike and Kasey's parents invited us out for a day of family fun and so we joined them along with the Indy Laughlins, as well as the third little brother David and his wife Sarah Beth (hey- I thought you guys had a blog, why can't I find it??).
Ryan went to college with all three of these guys and we love getting together with this family. The guys all played basketball or lawn games all day, us girls all sat around with our feet in the pool catching up and chatting all day, and the kids... the kids had an absolute blast all day long. Madison and Mallory are 7 and 4 and all four kids got along marvelously the whole entire time we were there. We hardly saw them; they were so busy roaming the property, splashing in the pool, spending hours on the giant slip 'n slide, playing made up games in the grass, playing withe the dogs and "fishing". (the girls had brought fishing poles to take down to the pond and while the kids didn't actually go down there, Mal taught Sawyer how to cast and by the end of the day he was a pro casting all the way across the yard -with a plastic fish on the end of his line, not a hook!. He and Mal spent hours practicing, trying to outcast each other. It was adorable. They were pretty much inseparable the whole day in general.)

More pictures:

(sorry Kase, but you're just so cute!)

a little dish soap makes the slipping extra slidey!

...or a lot of soap!

We really had such a good time. It was the perfect day to kick off the summer, with great food and great company and an all in all great day.
Thanks Laughlins, again, for adopting us as part of your family for the day and including us in your summer fun!!


K.M.L said...

We had such a good time!!! :) Thank you for coming in and hanging out for the day! And no...I don't mind you posting a pic of my big 'ol belly! ;) At least I had shades on to protect my eyes from my seriously pasty white legs! ha! :)

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