Tuesday, May 26, 2009

the rest of the weekend

Well, the rest of our long weekend pretty much consisted of rain.
Which on one hand was awesome; that we squeaked out such an amazing day of sun and fun just in time... but also, wasn't this supposed to be a whole "yay summer's here!" weekend?? It was still warm and humid, just wet wet wet. We still had friends over, we still grilled, the kids still played outside some (in the rain) and we still had a great relaxing weekend, even if it was sans sunshine.

Sunday we had some newer friends over. The kids had all never met before this weekend, but they hit it off beautifully and everyone had a fabulous evening. We had a lot of food, played some games and just hung out and chatted away. H and JT are a fun couple to hang out with.
For dessert we all went outside to shake up some homemade ice cream, which we like to do with the kids' friends in the summer (here's a link to a recipe for that if anyone's interested. we usually put the bag inside tupperware bowls which makes it easier for the kids to shake and not so cold on the hands!) and we added some fun toppings for the creamy yummy stuff. I also made some oreo cookie brownies. YUM.
I didn't take any pictures because all my camera cards are full and we've been having issues with our network, Ryan doesn't want me saving photos on the laptop and of course I'm lazy and don't want to deal with the extra trouble of figuring out how to work around that. So all my cards are still full and I haven't been taking more pictures. Luckily H brought her camera and she was shooting away, so hopefully she caught some of the fun.

Monday we lazed around most of the morning and then headed out to the Mills Mall for lunch, some shopping and some indoor glow-in-the-dark mini-golf. We had a lot of fun. The kids were actually very good at Putt-putt.
There was also what looked like a pick-up game of hockey down on the rink so we stopped by and watched some of that and Sawyer was thrilled.
We headed home, played outside in a break from the rain for a bit, and ended our weekend with pizza and a movie night.

We have a quiet week on tap around here I think. It's still supposed to be rainy for a few more days. Luckily the kids still have lessons at the indoor pool this week and next, so that's something to keep them occupied.
Other than that, bring on the sumertime!


Hot Deals said...

on sunday i spend all of time with my family and friends it give lots of relax to my mind after six days working.
anyway enjoy your sunday!!

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