Tuesday, May 26, 2009

top ten for summer

Well with the "Kick-off of Summer" weekend behind us (although doesn't it seem so awfully early this year?!) we're ready to be in full Summer Mode around here.
Savannah still has a week of school left, and of course it's been raining since our pool opened on Saturday, but in our minds it's summer! (the heat and the humidity regardless of the rain the past few days have helped in the convincing!)

So in honor of this, for Top Ten Tuesday here are
the Top Ten Things I'm Most Looking Forward to regarding Summertime....
(in no particular order)

1. long days at the pool. Our neighborhood pool is around the corner from our house. It has been so awesome to live so close to the pool and have it be so convenient to hang out there. When the kids were littler it was nice to be able to run back and forth for snacks, meals, naps or just needing a break. Now that they're older, I'm thinking we'll be there without interruption for most of the day. Also now that they're older, I'm thinking I'll have to be less hands on and be able to spend more time at the pool lounging and reading. Oh that sounds good!!

2. tan lines and my boy's golden skin. My kids were blessed with their daddy's skin and brown up nicely without any effort at all. Sawyer's already sporting the white bum line with only one (sunscreen-filled) day out in the sun from last weekend under his belt. I just love the lightened hair/sunkissed look little kids get from so much fun in the sun and water.

3. frozen Gogurts. My kids LOVE Gogurts (you know, the portable yogurt in the tube). We never buy them except for in bulk in the summertime. And we like to keep them in the freezer. Then we grab them for the pool or a park outing and by the time we eat them they're a pefectly slushy half frozen yogurt just right for a cool snack. Mmmm. That just screams summertime to me.

4. sunscreen. I love the smell of it. We aren't hardcore users... usually just one good application at the peak times for the kids to cut down on the harmful rays. Like I said earlier, they never burn so I have to make myself remember to screen us all up. But I just love the smell and feel of it and I'd use it just for that. So summertime.

5. summer hours. Ryan's company adopts "summer hours" each year from June thru September. They (supposedly) work 9 hour days the first four days of the week and then have half days (or less) every Friday. It's so nice that he's home at noon on Fridays to start every weeekend throughout the summer. Whether we have plans in place or we're just hanging out, those slightly longer summer weekends are something we're spoiled by.

6. camping. I love everything about camping. Doesn't really matter if it's spring, summer or fall, but we usually end up in the summertime. I love how the kids love it; being outdoors, sleeping in the tent, cooking over the fire, usually with friends. So relaxing. I can't wait to get our first trip planned this year!

7. bare feet. You'd be hard pressed to find us with shoes on around here in the summertime. between the pool and the backyard, we pretty much forget what shoes are for these three months.

8. little girls in sundresses. I'm not, nor have I ever been, a girly girl when it comes to frills and dresses. And having a daughter of my own to primp and pretty did nothing to further that either. I actually try my best to steer Savannah away from the frilly and froo froo just because I don't find that cute, even on her. But there's something about a gorgeous sundress that makes me melt. Maybe it's my love affair of summer in general influencing me, but I love nothing more than a cute sundress. That's the one place I can tolerate pretty and flowers and ruffles. I wish Savannah could wear them all year long. Sundresses are just so adorable!!

9. the beach. I hope we can find the time to get to a real beach this summer. Nothing beats the sun and the sand and the surf in my book. I would spend every weekend at the beach if I could. I've always been a fan and throwing kids in the mix has only made it even better.

10. our neighborhood. If I can't spend my summers seaside, then I honestly believe this is the next best place to do it. Our neighborhood is a great place to be year round, but summer brings out the best in us. There are kids everywhere, sprinklers going, chalk drawings everywhere you look, parents always meeting up on front porches or driveways for refreshments and chatting, impromtu get togethers for backyard bbq's, pizza parties at the pool, ball games, fishing at the ponds, block parties, etc, etc. This is the kind of neighborhood that makes you want to stay home all summer. We are so thankful to live here and to really enjoy so many of the families surrounding us.

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And what has you most looking forward to summertime??


Steph said...

I'm looking forward to:
Eating ice cream on super hot days! We eat ice cream all year long, but nothing beats eating it while is especially warm outside.
Spending time on the boat - eating dinner on the boat. It's such a relaxing activity.
Lounging on the beach!
Spending time with my family.
Fires on the beach, with my family!

That's all I can think about right now... but there is nothing I do not like about summer! It is by far my favorite time of the year!

AshleyB said...

Like you, I'm a fan of lists... so I may have to start doing Top Ten Tuesdays too! Great subject this time. ;)
I'm with you on the froo froo frillies and the sundresses. I am not very big on getting Tiegan all gussied up... perhaps why she's such a tomboy. But I LOVE sundresses! One: they are so easy, and Two: they are just way cute & perfect no matter where we are.
So glad you are enjoying your summertime so far :)

lina said...

Love the frozen Gogurts!
Your list is a great one Heather :)

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