Thursday, May 14, 2009

i can't believe i'm doing this

But I'm writing about LOST.
I've refrained for all these weeks past of this Best Season Of Any TV Show Ever In The History Of TV Shows, but after the season finale last night, I can hold it in no longer.

I normally shy away from getting into any tv shows around here, mostly for the fact that I really don't watch that much tv, so there's not all that much for me to talk about :), but also because a) I always find it so boring when people go into detail and post all about their favorite shows each week on their blogs and talk about it like everyone should know what they're talking about and join in the conversation when I have no idea what they're talking about (again, don't watch many shows, so I always feel out of it) and b) tv is just not a big enough part of my life that I ever feel the need to write about or look back on or remember that "season" of my life.

Until LOST.
And still, the only reason I'm writing about it is because all the stormy weather across the midwest last night resulted in all my favorite LOST recap blogs being delayed. Power outages and pre-empting galore and I am so glad that our house was not one of those!! Thankfully we didn't get hit until after the show!!! (and we never did lose power or anything) I was stressing about it all day though- imagining breaking weather news cutting in or losing power for the last fifteen minutes or something nightmarish like that!! It seems a lot of other's suffered that tragedy though... and had to wait for LOST online later.
So. I have no one/no where to process my LOST thoughts. We have very few and precious friends who watch this show, and this is definitely one show, if ever there were any, that needs conversation after!!

And I do have to say if you're not a LOST fan, you really are missing out. I realize it's a little late now as we're coming up on the final season, but I wish more people would jump on the LOST wagon. I have to admit I was doubting my affections toward the show somewhere in the end of the first/most of the second season. But I am so glad I hung in there, as I really do think this is coming together to be the greatest show I have ever seen. The stories, the twists, the characters, the mystery, the emotions... it's all just amazing the way it comes together. And it's amazing how with each show I feel so satisfied in some conclusions or storyline ties, but still so frustratingly baffled, intrigued and, yes, plain old confused (lost, if you will) at the same time. It's crazy. And oh so good!

Anyway. I won't drag on in any more detail, as I said before I know how boring that is for the non-watchers. Just some highlights from this Most Awesome Season Finale that I want to remember/discuss/question outloud:
  • Juliet. I ♥ her.
  • Could they have found a more perfect kid-Kate? That was more spot on than I'd imagine even her own daughter to be!
  • I cried. Okay, maybe not cried, but I definitely teared up. Juliet. My heart gasped a few times for her throughout the show. And of course for Sawyer after you-know-what.
  • Richard was making my head hurt being in two "times" at one time.
  • Still: who the hell is Jacob?!?
  • And who was the other guy.
  • And what was the loophole.
  • And what in god's name "lies beneath the shadow of the statue"???
  • And what the heck is going on?!?!?!?!?

and a million more questions. It's crazy how many questions there still are. I thought the finale would end very frustratingly... like how on earth are we going to be able to wait six plus months to get any more answers. But really, I feel very satisfied with how they wrapped things up for now. Obviously there are a seemingly infinite number of things left unanswered, but somehow they let it all come to a pretty decent resting place. Yes, that was an amazing cliff hanger... but not one that'll be killing us all summer.

Still, I'm not sure what we'll do on Wednesday nights now. Empty.

Any other LOST fans out there I can commiserate with??


Steph said...

Sorry to say I'm not a LOST fan! Althought, everyone around me seems to be and they all think it's one of the best shows out there.

Ryan said...

a couple of thoughts...we know what lies in the shadow of the statue don't we? Jacob? also it won't be "killing us all summer" it will be killing us all year! it isn't on again until Jan 2010...

Amanda said...

I know 2010??!!!! What's that all about. Dan and I sat in silence for a long time after it was over. We were trying to process everything I think... Best tv show ever!!!!!!!!

Erin said...

Here's my new theory.
The "locke-like guy" that isn't Locke because he's dead - is the other guy that was on the shore with Jacob at the beginning.

No one gets an audience with Jacob without an invitation. Perhaps the touch/gift Jacob gave to each of the Survivors was their invitation. That's "Locke's" loophole. Perhaps even Jacob thinks, at first, that this is Locke.

My co-worker believes that the not-Locke Locke is going to be called Esau.

What does Jacob mean by "They're coming" at the end? That's the one that makes me have to stop and think.

And for the record, I do NOT like whimpy, whiny Ben. And please just tell me whether Claire is alive or dead!

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