Wednesday, May 13, 2009

on to the spring cleaning

This past weekend I had designated this week as a week of Spring Cleaning.
Cleaning, sorting, purging, reorganizing, repurposing; the works.
Monday started out okay... I got some work done in the kitchen and--

Well, and then I got a migraine.
A migraine that lasted a good 30 hours. Yuck.
I haven't had one that bad in a long time.

Somehow -and I honestly hardly remember doing any of this- yesterday I still managed to make three batches of pumpkin scones early in the morning and take them to our last MOPs meeting of the year, since my group was on schedule for breakfast. And I managed to stay and make it through most of the morning there. I'm not sure how... I was so shaky and foggy. I did leave early thinking I was going to lose it and throw up at one point.
I got Sawyer home and layed down for about an hour before Savannah got home and then after I got her off the bus I -again, don't know or remember quite how I did this- made dinner and dessert for a couple with a new baby from our church. When that was finally done I collapsed on the couch and didn't move until Ryan got home.
The kids were actually very good for me, not complaining at all about no tv or no outside time. They just played games together all afternoon. Pretty quietly too, I might add.

It was so bad I honestly couldn't remember if I had redosed my drugs or not. I remember thinking it was time, and I remember getting up and pouring myself some water, and the water glass was on the counter next to the bottle of pain reliever, but later I could not for the life of me remember if I actually took them or got distracted.

Thankfully I woke up this morning feeling refreshed and like my head will actually stay in tact for the day.
Anyway, so it's now day three of this week and I've made no dents in my Spring Cleaning list. In fact my list has seemingly quadrupled since basically being out of commission for the past two days. My kitchen, which was clean on Monday afternoon, is scary. Three batches of pumpkin scones, one pound of cut veggies, two pounds of cut meat, a pan from browning meat, all that mess thrown into the crock pot, one batch of rice in the rice cooker, one batch of beer bread, and one batch of brownies (with a cream cheese/pineapple whipped topping and the mess of slicing fruit) later, with everything left exactly where it was last used, my kitchen looks like a war zone. Seriously. Oh, and throw in scraping something together for breakfast and lunch for the kids in there.
Thankfully Ryan let the kids escape the avalanche danger at dinnertime last night and, after delivering the dinner I had made, had McDonalds.

So today the kitchen is my first plan of attack.
The other rooms around here aren't much better I'm afraid.

Savannah's been busy doing her own Spring Decorating/Organizing around here... she's been labeling everything in sight. She's made signs for all the doors in the house and labeling other random things.
Here's the guest bedroom door: She's listed grammas- both BG and DS (but no grampas??)
and all her aunts (again, what about their counterparts??)
and then friends who use this room:
Mike, Evan (planning ahead for when he arrives I guess)
Mike and
Arein :)

(I love kindergartner spelling !!)

And my bed:

I found this on my headboard.
Complete with side assignments.

(and Ryan's wondering why she labeled it -in his words- our 'love bed' haha)

Apparently, everything everybody has it's place around here!


Anonymous said...

You got more done with a migraine than I do in a plain old day... cooking anyway. Wow super mom!!! Glad you are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

hahaha, that bed sign is hilarious.

Christina said...

I love the bed sign too. That is too cute. I hope you are feeling better. P.S. Thank you so much for the darling Mom's day card. I loved it and you made me smile. Wished we lived closer so we could hang out, as I know we are kindred spirits Heather. :)

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