Friday, May 15, 2009

danger, danger

That's what I need; to program my car or my cell phone or something on my person or, I don't know -maybe something called my conscience or own personal free will?? to sound a "danger" alarm when I'm in a Target parking lot.

I Targeted this morning.

(this is some new habit I've picked up lately. instead of a real English sentence, I make up single verbs to describe things. I think my three year old's grammar is rubbing off on me. seriously. and Ryan's picking up on it too... the other day Savannah was in her room throwing a fit and he asked me "what is she fitting about?" don't mind us... we're just making up our own English around here!)

Anyway. Target.
I went.
It started out simple and innocent enough... I needed toothpaste and floss and a new toilet brush and toilet paper and a few random things like that. Target is really the only non-grocery store on the way between Sawyer's school and home, so of course that's where I'd have to stop after dropping him off, for convenience, right?

Only once I was in there I of course had to peruse clothes... a rare shopping trip sans kids, so of course I need to make sure there's nothing I have to try on while I have the freedom to do so without two kids fighting, whining or complaining in the dressing room. And I could really use some new shorts/cropped jeans/or some such summer lower half attire. So I tried on a bazillion clothes (because I could!)(in peace!!); summer dresses, tops, jeans, shorts, whatever I thought was cute. Their clearance racks were packed. Yum.
I did manage to keep my ultimate picks to a few tank tops with clearance stickers on them and one pair of capri jeans (not on sale- boo!).

But the whole store had clearance everywhere I looked!
(clearance shoes! a whole wall of clearance flip-flops!! look away!!)
I tried to hurry over to the health/beauty department for the things on my list, thinking I couldn't do much damage there. Turns out almost every endcap was spilling over with clearance there too! I checked everything out. And ended up with a bunch of crap in my cart; good mascara for $1.50! (several of them) eyeshadow for .50! swiffer dusters for $1! shae butter hand lotion for $1.48! cute little ob tampon travel cases for .80! and lots lots more.

I've been doing real well with my Target habit lately. I've only been going in there once every couple of weeks, quick with a list, as opposed to the every other day to browse that I could easily do if I wanted.
It's those gosh darn red clearance stickers that get me into trouble...
That's a love-hate relationship if ever I saw one.

Have you Targeted lately?


Anonymous said...

Love the made-up English! We do that, too.

I just mentioned my Target addiction to two friends this very's bad. Those stupid red stickers.

I did get 3 packages of size 5 Huggies diapers (like 140 total diapers) for $13.00 this week, though...

kim said...

okay, this is my third time trying to leave this comment... so i hope you don't get comment-spammed from me :)

umm, i've targeted twice already this week. last night though i managed not to buy ANYTHING, that almost NEVER happens!!

love the new word :)

also: i keep forgetting to thank you for sending that card. i was having a particularly bad day and i got tears in my eyes (in a good way!) when i opened it. so, thanks. very thoughtful. :)

Katie said...

Oh, my, don't even get me started on Target! It's SO bad when I go there, the check-out counter & the frequencies of my trips there....I actually, tried to give it up for Lent! Tried the keyword, sad I tell ya, sad! LOL!

AshleyB said...

I'm jealous!! I was just in our Target yesterday or the day before, and their clearance was really nothing to take a 2nd glance at. In fact, I didn't really see anything over 25% off. Bummer!
I LOVE-love-love their $1 bins, though. :)

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