Sunday, May 17, 2009


Leave it to me to not get around to posting any of Savannah's soccer pictures until the weekend of her very last game! She actually played well Saturday... I think she got in there and touched the ball more than she has in any other game. Like she's finally getting the hang of it :)
Monday evening is the big final awards celebration for the whole league and then that'll be that. I think she's ready to move on; she's had a lot of fun these past eight weeks, but not sure she's cut out for soccer. We'll see how she feels next spring.

Both kids are in swimming for the next three weeks... just enough time to get us through until our own pool opens for the summer! Woo hoo!! Well actually it'll open before that, but I'm not counting on warm enough weather to really be in there until we get into June.

Here's our soccer girl.
Eight weeks ago in her first game:

And this weekend, the girls' last game:

And of course little brother had to get his mug in some shots.
He reminds me so much of Ryan in these pictures.
And it's obvious he has the squinty-eye syndrome like his daddy and his sister...

I was reviewing these pics he snuck in on from this weekend and kept thinking how on earth did he turn into such a Little Boy?!? Gah!


Nicole said...

Love the pic of her making a face. And love the pics of Sawyer. He looks so incredibly old!

Steph said...

Nice pics! I love the pink soccer ball the girls play with!

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