Thursday, May 28, 2009


Last weekend, while we were out at the Laughlins, Kasey wanted me to take a few pics of her big ol' belly quick before Evan arrived. We made a comical attempt at a (insert huge exaggerated quotation marks here) "maternity photo session".
I snapped a few of her and Mike, a few fun ones of the belly, and we went over to their house to get some in Evan's bedroom as well.
It was stinkin' hot outside, way dark inside, and I didn't think about bringing my flash along, so the choice pics I have are few and far between... I decided to play around with some in photoshop a bit to distract from the picture quality :)

I love this one of the kissing cousins :)

Well we were lucky we got that one last chance to snap a few pics because guess who we got to meet last night?

Evan Samuel Laughlin
born Wednesday May 27th
at 2:02pm
8lbs 2oz, 21.5"

and completely adorable

with lots of hair

(Doesn't Kasey just look amazing?!? This is just six hours after Evan was born.)

I don't think I have to tell you, this was one happy family yesterday.
Congrats you guys! You done good!!


Amanda said...

I'm sooooo jealous!!!! Wish we lived closer... Thanks for posting the pics so the Indy Laughlins can see our new nephew/cousin! :)

Nicole said...

The pics look great!! I love the last one of the three of them. Oh and the first one is so cute! I love Kasey's laugh. :)

He is darling!

Tracy said...

You took such beautiful pictures! Love his name w/the blocks. And Sawyer looks so proud to be holding the new baby.

Kim said...

the pictures are AWESOME. he is adorable and they look so happy. i already told kasey it's so unfair how awesome she looks!? :)

Steph said...

Great pictures!!

He's such a cutie already! And that hair... so cute!!

Mary said...

He's gorgeous! Congrats to them :)

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