Monday, May 4, 2009

another weekend

... that felt like I would have missed if I blinked too long! Is it really Monday already?!?

Friday night I participated in a vendor fair at our elementary school with a booth I put together for BeadforLife. It was a good turnout and a lovely night of chatting with lots of ladies. (Which reminds me, I wanted to post on here that I do have a box of goodies here that I'm not planning on sending back until next week, so if anyone local here wants to do a little shopping, let me know and you can come by or we can arrange to meet somewhere so you can pick out some jewelry. Mother's Day is coming.... and what better way to celebrate than to support and uplift other mothers a world away.)

Saturday we skipped out on Savannah's soccer game because we had signed her up for a Cheer clinic at the high school that she has been so looking forward to for a couple of months! It was a fundraiser clinic put on by our high school cheerleaders with a day of instruction and fun (and lunch!) for any of the elementary kids that wanted to participate. Savannah had a blast. It seems cheer is definitely more her thing than soccer. I suspected that would be the case due to her comfortability -is that a word??- in her tumbling and creative dance classes last year, but we still want her to try out other sports she might be interested in. But after Saturday, I'm convinced this might be where she belongs.
The last hour of the clinic was a show for the parents. There were a lot of parents. I'm talking full bleachers in the high school's main gym. Each group of girls had a turn to come out and did a couple of routines, chants and things that they learned that morning. Savannah came on out there and was sure and confident. She didn't always remember the words or the moves right on, but she was smiling and loud... she ended up carrying a chant on past when it was supposed to be done and I could hear her lone voice strong and sure and loud and clear from way up in the middle of the bleachers. And she didn't even seem embarrassed... when she realized what happened, she just started in on her jumping and claps and high kicks and Yay!'s they all do in between cheers. I was impressed!
Anyway, she had a blast. And of course I dropped the ball and forgot my camera!

After the cheer clinic on Saturday she had a birthday party to go to for a girlfriend in her class. They were supposed to wear "western" clothes. This was the best we had: a cute little "western" skirt and braids with bows. I thought that was acceptable. (and for some reason she asked me to take a few pictures of her this afternoon!!)

But when I dropped her off at the party, every single kid had like full decked out cowboy gear. Cow print skirts, suede/hide vests, cowboy boots, hats, Woody or Jessie costumes, etc. I heard two kids rudely tell her, "You're not wearing cowboy stuff."
I kind of felt bad for her, but really I was surprised. Do kids really have that much cowboy stuff laying around their house? We have nothing. I admit I know many kids acquire some fun cowboy/girl boots along the way, but for some reason, we haven't. We don't have any kids dress up stuff like that. And I wasn't about to run out and buy some cowboy outfit just for a kindergartner's birthday party! I was just shocked at how accesorized all the kids were.
Oh well, she still had fun. It's always fun to see your friends outside of school, right?

Then when we got her back from the party we went directly over to a neighbors backyard where a few friends were gathering for dinner. The kids ran around for a few hours, we finally dragged them home to bed at about 9pm and then us grown ups actually went back over to play cards for a bit. The weather was surprisingly nice all weekend... we were expecting about four straight days of rain, but it was dry and warm and perfect to spend so much time outside.

Sunday after church we all napped (well, everyone else did- I went through pictures. I managed to get through five years worth of birthday and Christmas pictures to print! Go me!!) before Savannah had another soccer game. Where she fell and ended up with a gusher of a bloddy nose. That was fun!
After soccer we headed over to the Swinigan's for dinner, and again enjoyed a great meal outside in the great spring weather!

It was another late night to bed... I had to wake Savannah for school this morning at 8 o'clock! That NEVER happens. I know it was a busy weekend when it wears her out!


Anonymous said...

L had western day at school this year and we had NOTHING, nada and it was the same thing. Everyone else was all decked out and L was the only one who looked cute in our attempts (like Savannah) but not totally western. So to answer your question, no not all of us are prepared for western style days or parties :)

Mom said...

That girly looks proud of that gift,and so cute!!xoxoxoxoxo Gramma G

Nicole said...

That sounds crazy that they had so many accessories... maybe they or a sibling had been a cowboy/cowgirl for Halloween? That's rotten that someone made a comment to SJ.

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