Thursday, April 30, 2009

that's my boy

Following his dad around the yard with something in his hand,
"Daddy, what's this?"
"That would be rabbit poop."

After returning from playing four square with the bus stop boys this morning, calling out to them to say good bye,
"Bye guys! Thanks for letting me play! Bye Chicken Butts!"
"Sawyer, what did you just say?"
"I didn't say butt Mom, I said nuts."
"I think I heard you call your friends a Chicken butt. You know I don't like that."
"I didn't... I said nuts. I only called them Chicken Nuts!"
"Um, yeah. That's not any better."

He does this cartoony thing where whether he's going to run or just quick going to get or do something, he bends his leg up sideways in front of himself like he's winding up to take off. I don't know if that description makes any sense at all, maybe I should try and get it on video. Regardless, I think maybe he's been watching too much Tom and Jerry.

"Phew" is the most common phrase out of Sawyer's mouth lately. He says it all the time in a comically dramatic way. Whether he's "phewing" about not having to take a bath that night or the fact that daddy's on his way home from work or that he found a toy he was looking for or just that he only has to have three more bites of dinner. It's pretty funny. It's like the tiniest little thing takes such a load off his mind! :)

Sawyer never says "Savannah" these days unless he's talking directly to her. If he's talking about her it's always "my sister". Which I think is kind of sweet whether he means it that way or not; "Where's my sister?""It wasn't me, my sister did it.""No thanks, I'm going to sit by my sister.""Is my sister in trouble?""My sister needs some too.""I miss my sister." Cracks me up.

Thanks for living up to your name, Sawyer Isaac :)

Oh, and he also learned the "see food" joke. I don't even think he knows what Seafood is... but big sister thinks it's funny so it must be, right?!


Mom said...

I miss him allready.XOXOXO Gramma G

Peggy said...

Man, you have pretty cute kids! :) Hope all is going well! oh and I love the picture of your kitchen - mine is WAY worse right now - I probably should go clean it instead of doing e-mail during my few hours of quiet while the little guy sleeps! Alas! :)

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