Sunday, April 5, 2009

i'm grounded

I'm just checking in real quick.
As predicted, my laptop finally died. I've been saying that for a couple of months now... ironic that it should quit immediately after I wrote about it though.
Actually, for two days following that post, it behaved beautifully... everything was smooth and working quickly and perfectly. It was strange. Then on Wednesday evening the screen just went poof.
Actually the computer itself is still working (for now). It seems to just be the screen that's died. So at least we're able to connect it to the desktop downstairs and get everything off it I need. I'm just grounded to the basement now.
Which means way less computer time for me. And more of a hassle to work with, transfer and post any pics. Ugh.

I do have pics from this weekend; Savannah had her first soccer game. But I'm too lazy to worry about it right now. Maybe tomorrow. It's supposed to snow (?!!) and be only about 30 degrees tomorrow, so I think we'll be spending our Monday sticking to the house.
I just wanted to check in and put a place holder of sorts here.
And to say that I may not be as quick on emails, posting and such for the next little bit, so bear with me. :)


Mom said...

We were kinda wondering where you were.... so the old laptop finally gave up.I don't know what I would do without mine. I NEVER sit at the desk top any more.You may get snow showers,but we are supposed to hit 75 tomorrow! XOXOXOXOX

MacKenzie said...

We just got dumped on here in MI...8 inches to be exact.

Nicole said...

oooh that sucks that the laptop went out!! Ugh! Nothing like a little push to make a practical decision. Hopefully you guys will still be able to get away AND get a new laptop :)!

Mom said...

I hope you get "ungrounded" soon. I miss you more when you don't blog.XOXOX

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