Wednesday, April 8, 2009

sewing sewing sewing

That's what I feel like I've done nonstop for the past two days. Seven pillowcases, seven pink polka-dot sleep masks, a roll up blanket/sleeping bag for Sawyer (he picked out some scrap fabric and has been begging for this "sleeping bag"for two weeks straight), plus an extra matching sleep mask for him (that he's worn on his head nonstop since I whipped it out for him this morning. I had to force him to remove it for swimming lessons!). Almost done.

Phew, I'm glad I decided not to do a cake this time!
Simply stacking pancakes sounds perfect right about now!!

We have soccer tonight (rescheduled from our freezing weather on Monday) and then I have all day tomorrow to finish up any remaining party stuff. Savannah needs to decorate the aforementioned pillowcases for her guests and we need to figure out the details of a couple of games to play.

Unfortunately the craziness doesn't end with the party Friday evening...
Saturday Savannah has a soccer game, I have a baby shower and the kids have an egg hunt they want to get to.
Sunday is obviously Easter, tho you wouldn't know it from the looks of things around here... I have yet to get out any decorations or boil eggs and it was all I could do to scrape a few things together for the kids' Easter parties at school this week. It just dawned on me yesterday that I should probably buy something for a little thing called Easter Baskets!! Oh and maybe get around to planning Easter dinner?!! My parents fly in that day so I'm actually making a holiday dinner, but have yet to figure anything out past the ham.

I also need to find time to buckle down and upload (wait- is it upload or download? I always get them mixed up) pictures to the desktop from my memory cards . I have three memory cards for my camera. All three are absolutely full. It's ridiculous. I've erased all I can erase (on my way to events, having brought the camera and realizing I forgot the card was full, so frantically deleting a few here and there just to make room!!).

Anyway, once I get moving on some pictures, I'll get them up on here. I need to do that quick too, before the onslaught of birthday party, Easter, and then birthday day take over.
I have pics from Savannah's soccer game, random silly stuff around here, a fun shot of the kids and Fredbird at Ryan's company picnic last weekend, and all the sewing goodies I've been churning out around here. Sawyer looks pretty cool with his sleep mask (permanently) perched on the top of his head dragging around his cool new blanket!

Wish me luck!


Amanda said...

Wow! You are a busy girl. Sleep masks are a great idea. Maddy sleeps with one at night and loves hers. :)

Mom said...

What are sleep masks? Or should I know that? Please take LOTs (more)pictures.Get going on the up/down loads(so you can). As for Sunday dinner,make it easy.:)XOXOX

Mom said...

Oh,I forgot....Good Luck with it ALL!!!!XOXO

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