Wednesday, April 1, 2009

flower forest

As of yesterday afternoon, Ryan hadn't had a chance to hack off and cut up the felled branches half of the tree in the front side yard.
In the meantime, the kids found a magical forest in the sad branches.

Sawyer kept calling it the flower fort.
Savannah and the other girls kept calling it the fairy flower forest.
Either way they all had a blast. At one point we had eight neighborhood kids climbing through this flowering mini forest. The kids were in there for hours, making their way through the branches, hiding under the thick coverings and gathering blooms to transport to the "flower bed" they were making on the side of the front porch.

It was beautiful seeing them weaving, sitting and playing in the gorgeous branches in the magnificent afternoon blue sky and sunshine. They were all so enthralled.
I had a hard time taking pictures as it was full glaring afternoon sun on these snow white branches... but here are a few just for the memories.


Anonymous said...

Blue skies? Flowering trees? GREEN lawns??? That's how I spell jealous.

AshleyB said...

the kids must have had a blast with that!! I can't WAIT until our trees & flowers start blooming up here :)

Mom said...

Love the good feeling that comes from seeing & hearing kids playing outside & using their imaginations.What a fun way for them to pretend.So glad you caught some of it in pitures.Sorry for your loss though. The tree was so very pretty.XOXO

Mom said...

Thankful for the pictures that is.:)

Anonymous said...

Do I need to bring the chain saw ??

Grampa G

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