Tuesday, March 31, 2009


So I found a new blog recently that I'm enjoying immensely. Lots of things to enjoy about this blog, but one of the best things? Her Top Ten Tuesdays. Random lists from random people. Love it!
I'm a list person. Lists make me happy. You'll never find me listless (haha). I make lists of my lists. I'll find a reason to make a list about almost anything.

So, for Top Ten Tuesday, in no particular order,
a top ten list of my favorite lists:

1. to-do list (duh)

2. grocery list I love making the list... not in love with the grocery shopping itself.

3. christmas gift list prepared early, always broken up by family, complete with brainstorming, budget and finally the outcome

4. projects around the house huge list

5. wish list for the house even huge-er list

6. christmas card list this is my probably my favorite list... all the people nearest and dearest to us. Even if our only communication is to exchange Christmas cards every December, I love that certain people are important enough to us to keep on the list year after year. (and to stay on theirs :) )

7. list of items to pack for a trip and of course I break that down into a dozen separate lists too... clothes, toiletries, meds, other necessities, broken down by each traveler, naturally!

8. camping list see #7... only usually more necessities!

9. blog post ideas even if I never use them, jotting down ideas for blogging is second nature to me

10. other people's lists is it strange that I'm so enamored with list making that I love perusing other's lists?!? I love other people's to-do lists, grocery lists, gift lists, and especially top ten random lists. Did you see the movie High Fidelity?? Part of my love for that movie is the fact that they randomly blurt out top five songs/albums for whatever topic. Love stuff like that. I love seeing what's on other peoples' minds.... and in list form is nice and tidy!

Oh gee, look! More lists!!
(add yours if you're feeling listy)

What about you... Any lists you can't live without?


Blondie said...

I have two sites for you:

mandi said...

Oh I'm a list kinda gal too!! I love making ones for #7 just b/c it means vacation is coming!!! And I use my #3 list throughtout the year. As I think of something for someone I'll write it down or cross it off if I buy it for them - that way, if I do it right, I'll have ideas all year round!

oh amanda said...

I loooove lists! I could just do a list blog, I swear! Thanks for the sweet words...I'm so glad you participated! Can't wait to see more of your list!

Alyssa said...

Oh yes, you are a girl after my own listful heart too as Oh Amanda said, she sent me over by the way via "Twitter". I Think I"ll have to subscribe to your blog, we seem to have more in common.

TCKK said...

My daughter is a big list person. Me not so much.

Anonymous said...

Very cute! I love lists too.

AmyG said...

I love lists, too! Can't live with out them.

AshleyB said...

Too funny, I am practically OBSESSED with lists! And I, too, love reading other peoples' lists. I'm actually kind of glad I'm not the only one, I was starting to feel a little weird about it ;)
Oh yeah - and High Fidelity is like one of my top favorite movies of all time :)

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