Monday, April 13, 2009

easter pics

Just for the record, here are the few measly snapshots from Easter.
I felt very half a$$ed about Easter this year (that feels like a very wrong adjective for Easter preparations, but really that's the most accurate description that comes to mind). Not in the 'real meaning of Easter' kind of way, I just never did get out any decorations, we skipped dying eggs, we had no egg hunt here whatsoever, and it felt like just basically -in terms of preparation and celebration- a wham bam thank you ma'am kind of day. I dug out the kids' Easter baskets just in time to fill them and it was nothing special.
Not that any of that took away from the day... it was still a wonderful Easter Sunday; church was great, my parents arrived and we had a fabulous dinner (if I do say so myself), and of course, it was still -and always- the same day of cherishing the perfect grace of God and the sacrifice of His Son.

We just had so much on tap in the couple of weeks leading up to Easter Sunday, I didn't take the time to prepare for it the way I usually like to do.
Anyway, here is the little bit of documenting I did do...

The traditional jellybean trail

This is what Savannah hands down looks forward to the most about Easter every year. I don't know what it is about it, but she cannot wait to get to Easter morning and find the little pile of jellybeans followed by a trail all through the house to her Easter basket. She and Sawyer find their own little trail from their bedroom door, down the stairs and winding through the house to their baskets sitting in the middle of the living room.

Their baskets had way more candy than we normally do...
I'm telling you I was so last minute and non-creative this year that that's what I was left with.
These kids weren't complaining though!

My pictures of the morning are pretty sad and scarce (and Sawyer in his Christmas pajamas adds a nice touch, don't you think?) because it was too early and as I mentioned before, we were on time restritions with our schedule...

This is after grandma and grandpa arrived and we filled our bellies with a big Easter dinner....

and a quick copycat pic from last years' family picture (complete with Ryan in the same outfit):


Misti said...

Wow, you can really tell how much Savannah has grown looking at those two pictures!

Nicole said...

HAHA! So funny that Ryan is wearing the same outfit. Go shopping for the guy LOL! Cute pics. :) We were lame-o on Eastery stuff this year.. didn't dye eggs, the bunny brought goldfish and raisins in their plastic eggs HAHA!

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