Tuesday, April 14, 2009

pajama party

Trying to squeeze in Savannah's birthday party pics from this past weekend before her actually birthday gets here.
And be forewarned, there are a ton of pictures! We had so much fun planning and preparing for this party... the best yet I think! Savannah's been talking about this idea since before Christmas and we did our best to make it a great party. I didn't want to leave any of the fun details out, so here it all is! Hope your scroll button is working well!!
(and f.y.i. if you're reading this in a reader, the words and pictures might not not be matched up right... try clicking over to the blog page itself if that irritates you like it does me)

Savannah invited six of her friends (for her sixth birthday!) and they were all instructed to wear pj's and bring sleeping bags and pillows. It wasn't a sleepover, but simply a late night (6-9) pajama party. Savannah was set:

So first up, the cake.

Sorry to disappoint, Katie, but no fondant this time around. Instead, I made a batch of plate sized pancakes (and found out this pancake recipe is awesome!!) and stacked six of these big suckers like a birthday cake, smearing strawberry fruit preserves in between each one. Then I topped the whole stack off with more strawberry preserves, some whipped cream, drizzled just a tad of chocolate sauce on it and sprinkled with pretty sprinkles.

In the end, Savannah was super excited about the Pancake Cake. I'm glad we went with that choice; it was fun and easy and it turned out (I think) so cute!!

Table's set: besides the Pancake Cake, we had tons of strawberries -both plain and chocolate covered, those little mini-breakfast sausages, these yummy donut muffins, and a choice of chocolate milk or fruit punch.

Here are the mini-pillowcases (they fit small travel sized pillows) I made for the girls' goodie bags...
Savannah and I stamp-painted the fronts with each of the girls' names and fun shapes and then Savannah used fabric markers on the backsides to write a personal note to say thanks for being a part of her birthday party.

I made another one for Savannah to keep and all the girls at the party signed and drew on the backside for her to remember the party.

And these were the goodies inside their "goodie bags"... all pajama party-ish things for sure; sparkly slippers, a diary, a toothbrush (all scored at the dollar store) and of course the pink-polka dot sleep masks Savannah was so excited about. All tied up with a cute ribbon to go home.

I printed off these paper dolls (hairdo personalized for each girl and complete with a wardrobe of pajamas of course)!

The girls sat around the table working on decorating their paper dolls while they took turns decorating and autographing Savannah's pillowcase

And then it was time to dig in!

After "cake" and Brinner (breakfast+dinner), we played a few games including musical chairs pillows and good old fashioned Telephone

And then of course some present time...

And pink popcorn for movie time!

and the girls got cozy in front of a showing of Sleeping Beauty

Little Brother crashed the party for a bit

All the girls' claimed they were going to have their own pajama party at their next birthday too! I think everyone had a great time!! I know at least Savannah did :)


Annie Schilperoort Photography said...

So fun! Happy birthday to Savannah! Heather, please keep posting all your fun bday parties, you have such great ideas and I love seeing how they all come together so beautifully! :)

Katie said...

You are forgiven for your lack of fondant on account of the BEST BIRTHDAY PARTY EVER! Is it creepy that it looked fun enough to do the same thing for my next birthday?

Christina said...

Oh my goodness, you are like the best kids party creator ever! I love all your ideas over the years. Have any suggestions for a "piggy" party for Gabi's 3rd b-day coming up here in May? :) Anyway, good job Mommy! Savannah's a lucky girl.

Heather S. said...

Great party idea!! Norah had a blast! Thanks again for having her spend the night!! We want to have Savannah, but I'm waiting until Daphne is definitely sleeping through the night.

Anonymous said...

you are so awesome at this stuff! i love seeing all the pictures. that reminds me, i am going to do a golf birthday for max and use the molds you sent me! hopefully mine will be half as cute as yours. :)

Jac said...

Everything looks awesome! You have such amazing birthday party ideas! Love the pancakes, goodie bags, everything!

Tracy said...

Wow...cuteness!! I do not know where you come up with your great ideas!! I would definitely hire you to be my kids' party planner if you lived closer :) Happy Birthday to Savannah!! She looks so pretty and happy!

Carrie Lowe said...

Fun party!! I am planning a polka dot pajama party for my 7 year old. I love your goodie bag/pillowcase idea. Can you tell me where you found the cute sleep masks?

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