Monday, April 13, 2009

back in business


I should be able to catch up on backlogged pictures and blogging a little easier now. My enabling wonderful husband has spent the last two weeks searching for the right deal on the right machine to get me back to computing on a regular basis. I found this one on my door step this past weekend. I love it! It's definitely nice to have a quick, smooth machine that actually does the things you ask it to dependably! Of course that means it's all new maneuvering and windows and stuff, so I'm still feeling my way around it; I had next to no time to play with it at all this past weekend, but I should be able to make up for it this week. The craziest few days are behind us and my parents are now here for a nice long visit, so I should have a little more down time. In between family outings, swimming lessons, soccer practice, bible study, and other miscellaneous appointments that is. Oh, and a certain just-about-six-year-old's birthday!

We had a great and full weekend. After the Big Birthday Party Friday night (mega-post to come), Saturday was chock full of friends and running around. Savannah had a soccer game and I headed south for a baby shower for Kasey. After the shower Heather, Erin, Kasey and I met up with all the guys and the kids as they wrapped up a venture of egg hunt insanity, and we all spent the evening hanging out, catching up and chowing on some pizza. We headed home a little early as it had been a very late night for us all the night before and a very full day, with more to come bright and early in the morning!
And Sunday started way too bright and early... we had to be at church early (Ryan at 7:15 and me before 8am for responsibilities at our first service that started at 8:15) and of course the kids were up following their jellybean trails and digging into their baskets before that.
We were back home by 11 for a little time to relax before running out to the airport to pick up my parents at 1. We then spent the afternoon visiting, the kids crazily wound up in a combination of too much sugar, too little sleep and the excitement of visiting grandparents. We had a great yummy Easter dinner and after more playing and visiting, eventually everyone kind of fell into bed exhausted.

Now we're back to Monday, and I'm breathing a sigh of relief. Back to the routine, and even though that's busy in itself, it's at least a normal, predictable busy! We have house guests, Savannah has no school today, Sawyer has swim lessons, and I have grocery shopping to do; it's kind of a gray rainy day, so it feels like a good day to lay low and recoop from the craziness of the past week.
And I love laying low with a new laptop on my lap!!

Now on to my 300 unread emails and the 880 (!!) unread posts sitting in my Google reader.
I'm sure I'll be a little heavy on the delete button, so forgive me if I miss something important!


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