Monday, April 27, 2009

the builder

I can't remember if I mentioned this line of conversation with Sawyer before or not; I can't seem to find it off hand, so maybe not.
For awhile he was on this kick of asking (several times on several different occasions) "Who builded us?"
As in who made us. So we'd have discussions about God creating us and "building" our bodies and so forth. He quizzed me often on it; "Who builded us again?" "God did." "Oh, yeah. I remember. He's a good builder."
That turned into specific parts of our bodies and how we grow and questions about "Why did God build it that way?" "Why did He make it work that way" and so on.
It's a topic it seems Sawyer never gets tired of.

Today we had an appointment with his pediatrician to make sure his fever and cough (going on five days) were nothing needing treatment. After the appointment, on the way home in the car, he starts asking questions again. Only this time it takes a slightly different turn:

Sawyer: "So God builded our bodies, right?"
Me: "Right"
"And if we get owies or if we get sick He can fix it because He can just build it again."
"Well, God does often heal our bodies, and you know sometimes he has doctors help Him fix when we're sick or have owies too."
"Like my cough. My doctor said no medicine but God can fix my things in my throat because he builded my throat and he knows how it goes."
"Yes, God can fix your sore throat and your cough, but we also have to make sure we're taking care of our bodies... make sure that we're getting rest and good food and sometimes taking medicine and taking care of ourselves especially if we're sick. We have to help God take care of this body He built, right?"
"Yeah, and Mom, if I crack my head open, God can fix that too. So don't worry about cracking my head open Mom- it'll get broken but God can fix it because He can just build it again."

Um, yeah. Let's not test out that theory buddy.


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