Tuesday, April 28, 2009

top ten picks for road trips

I spent 16+ hours in the car with my husband the weekend before last. While we had great fun (and peace and quiet -who remembers road trips without kids in the car?!!), we did eventually run low on things to talk about, which seemed magnified by the fact that we forgot to ransack the house for good trip music before we left. So conversation turned to brainstorming ideas for future Tuesday Top Ten Lists. We came up with a few goodies. And number one on that list of brainstorms?...

My Top Ten Favorite Road Trip albums:
Note: This is my list. though we had some meshing, our top tens differed and I don't remember lots of his must haves, so here are mine. Also, be forewarned these may also be biased in the fact that they probably aren't in reality the best road trip albums, per say, but rather albums that remind me of that period in my life of taking tons of road trips at any chance. Whether I actually listened to them on actual trips or not, may be up for debate.
I'll shut up now and get to the list:

1. Tom Petty's Greatest Hits

2. Michael Jackson's Number Ones
the oldies are obviously the goodies here

3. U2's Joshua Tree
Almost all my memories of listening to this album are in a car. Listening to it on a tape deck in a boyfriend's car actually. How's that for aging myself?? Regardless, love this one!

4. Sheryl Crow The Very Best of
Sheryl just reminds me of summertime. Summertime= Roadtrip!!

5. Counting Crows August and Everything After
I think this album is good for just about anything... lounging around the house on a rainy day, a road trip, a good mood, a down mood, whatever. This is probably one of the all time favorite and most played albums I own. And being that I rarely listen to old music in the house anymore, it most often gets pulled out for long drives.

6. Live Throwing Copper
This is one that is probably just connected to road trips in my head because of the time frame. Live was the soundtrack to lots of time spent in the car with lots of friends.

7. Bryan Adams So Far So Good
Ditto #6. Many trips to the beach with the windows down and this one playing nice and loud. But also time skipping class and trips to the mall and random late night gallivanting around. Did I just say gallivanting??

8. Sublime
Never a huge fan of Sublime, or even this album, but something about it says fun and carefree and hearing it just whispers in my head, "Let's hit the road!!"

9. probably at least one Dave Matthews Band album. Pick one. There are a few out there to choose from.

10. and last but not least, what is a road trip without a mix tape cd playlist of all time favorites?? Good old summertime faves! One hit wonders! All the oldies that bring back past trip memories!

Hmmm... Nothing too recent on that list I see.
I guess that would be because most of our road trips in the past few years have consisted of Silly Songs and Trout Fishing and certain Giants. They're good, but not exactly going to make my personal top ten choices.

So. What would be on your (adult) list??
(and check out other Top Tens this Tuesday over here!)


oh amanda said...

LOVE the mixed tape/cd/playlist! LOL.

And the tape in your boyfriend's car. Awesome.


Storm said...

Fun list. Happy Tuesday.

Blondie said...

"Oh, great ocean, oh, great sea"

Definitely a college memory in my boyfriend's (now husband) car on a cassette, too...

Anonymous said...

this is a good list. i love, LOVE counting crows. and live. i went to a joint concert of theirs once, awesome!!

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