Friday, March 6, 2009

right now...'s 81 degrees outside.

...we're marinating steaks to throw on the grill in a few minutes
and then toss on a fresh yummy salad. husband's neck is slightly sunburned from a golf outing this morning. kids have dirty faces, grimy hands and filthy feet from spending
an entire afternoon at the park.

...all our windows are open and there is a soothing spring breeze flowing through the house.

...the neighborhood is bustling with activity; kids all over the place, adults gathered at miscellaneous mailboxes or in driveways sipping drinks and chatting away.'s a perfect 81 degrees outside. (oh, did I already mention that?)


Mom said...

It sounds like a wonderful Friday in your neighborhood. Sawyer must be feeling better.Today we have beautiful sunny skies,but once again we have snow flurries in our forcast.Sunday am.Last time they got it right. I am so ready for spring.XOXOX

LeeAnn Howard said...

green with envy here... :)

enjoy it ! All of it sounds nice!!

Amanda said...

81 degrees? Wow! It only got up to 69 here!

Anonymous said...

ohhh i am SO jealous!

jenny said...

is there any possible way for you to package that up and send it up to minnesota? please? glad you are enjoying it! :)

Zoe said...

i am so very, very jealous.

Aunt Holly said...

I'm so-o jealous!!! I have decided that I LOVE spring and I can't wait until it is here. The Pacific NW has decided to have snow in March though!!! We are suppose to have 60* weather on Friday, which will be wonderful!

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