Thursday, March 5, 2009

just a thursday

Not much to report on around here. Sawyer's got a cold and a cough and a double ear infection, so we've just been laying low all week.

We took the kids swimming last night at the city pool. It wasn't great timing; with Sawyer being under the weather I was a little worried about getting his ears wet, but I owed him. Savannah's doing soccer this spring (starting this weekend) and since Sawyer's too young for that league, he's been asking me (out of the blue, all on his own) if he could do swimming instead. Sure! I was impressed and pleasantly surprised that he thought of and wanted to do that (swimming lessons are nice and cheap!!). Well, that was more than a month ago and I completely dropped the ball on it and forgot to get him registered for the sessions that started this week. We ran in there this week, hoping to still find an open spot in a class, but all of their March spots were full. So now he's all signed up for April. But he was so disappointed. He was so looking forward to his "swimming practice", as he calls it. He wasn't very happy that we have to wait our turn and not go till next month. He keeps telling me, "but it IS next month already!". Add to that the fact that I keep talking about going to my class (aquaerobics)(and that sometimes he's expected to go with me and hang out in the childcare) and he's not too thrilled with me.
So while we had a great day yesterday and he seemed to be feeling pretty good, as soon as Ryan got home from work, we all went over for a romp in the pool. It was fun; we were about the only ones there! The kids did the lazy river dozens and dozens of times and played on the water play structure. There are waterfalls and fountains and hoses to play with, a slide and ropes and pulleys to activate showers and dump buckets from up high. Savannah would have spent about the whole evening in the vortex pool; she just loved donning a life jacket and simply swirling around and around and around. Sawyer was jumping in like a madman, swimming around like he was last in the pool yesterday. You'd never know he hasn't been swimming since last August. Ryan and I were saying last night that we can't believe we've lived here for almost two years, this place is practically around the corner from us, and we've never taken advantage during these winter months! It'll definitely be an outing we'll keep in mind for the future. After all, we still have almost three more months until our neighborhood pool opens.

Anyway, we had a great evening together. And then we all slept well!
Poor Sawyer might be paying for it today though. His cough seems worse (although that's probably my imagination... it's always worse in the morning) and he is pretty darn cranky this AM. Well, hopefully after we get Savannah off to school, I can just park him in front of a movie and I can get motivated while he rests and disinfect clean up this house as one of Ryan's best friends from Oregon is arriving this afternoon to spend the weekend with us. A busy weekend it will be!!


Heather S. said...

Sadly, we have been here for 4 years and have never once been there!! We've talked about it, just haven't done it!!

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