Monday, March 9, 2009

weekend documenting

Our weekend seemed so busy, yet thinking back on it we didn't really do that much. I guess it just seems more full when you have house guests all weekend...

Friday was the most awesome day, weather-wise, of the year so far. Days like this are such a treat... especially in March!! It got up to 82* and was absolutely gorgeous. Ryan took the day off since his friend Josh was here visiting from Portland and the two of them spent the morning on the golf course. I spent the morning shopping :). Spring weather calls for Spring shopping, right?!?
After Savannah got home from school, we picked up Sawyer earlier than normal and all went over to meet the Swinigan girls at the park. The boys played soccer and football in the fields and the girls ran around the park while us moms got to chat.
Eventually we headed home to figure out some dinner and while the kids played outside some more, we marinated some steaks for an awesome Grilled Steak Salad. It was the perfect summer -er, spring evening.

Saturday was busy. Savannah had an all day soccer clinic/evaluation for her soccer league starting up this month. I was so proud of her; she had drills and evaluations the entire morning and she totally hung in there and did a great job with everything. They didn't even break until 1 o'clock for lunch and she didn't complain at all. After a quick lunch, she ran right back in to a scrimmage game and to our shock delight, she was actually playing (as best she knew how)! Now I don't remember if I noted this here last year, but her week of soccer camp last summer was kind of a bust. She did pretty good with the lessons and drills, but when it came to the hour of scrimmage play at the end of the morning... she could care less about soccer. She'd be out there on the field twirling her hair, watching the clouds, talking to her friends, anything except for paying attention to the task at hand. The ball could roll right into her feet and she wouldn't notice. She was just not all that in to it. To say the least.
But this past weekend, I was amazed to see her running around, running after the ball, and even getting a few kicks in there during the scrimmage games. And she was enjoying herself! It was so fun to watch. I can't wait till her practices and games start. I hope she decides she really does like it enough to continue to put in this effort!

Anyway, we were camped out there all day. After an early morning start, I left the soccer fields to run over to spend some time with some friends for a brunch late morning, then I returned to relieve Ryan and Josh so they could go grab some lunch (Chick-fil-A of course) before Ryan had to be back for a basketball game he had at the same campus at 1. Phew!

Yesterday we skipped church, slept in a bit with the time change, took Josh* to the airport, spent some time at Costco and ran some other errands between the storms rolling through here, and then ended up crashing in our basement for our Sunday night movie night... we watched Beethoven. Sawyer loved it.

*It seems Sawyer also loved having Josh here with us. When we left him at the airport Sawyer gave a wistful sigh and said, "I love that guy...". HA! I think he really did like having him around... our visitors usually consist of family (with lots of females in the family) and the friends that visit have been mostly either mine (again, female) or whole families of friends. Meaning the guys have their own kids to play with, there are lots of people to share the "fun daddy" attention. This was the first guy friend to visit on his own and Sawyer was basically attached to his hip much of the time. A second daddy for the weekend, what fun!


Mom said...

Well, we got our snow yesterday,but just a dusting.TODAY was snow,and sleet and hail off and on ALL day. CRAZY!I hope that is THE LAST of it!!!Glad Sawyer had a great weekend with the "guy" stuff.Miss that silly boy.XOXOXOX Mom/Gramma G

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