Saturday, March 28, 2009

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I was feeling in the mood this weekend to play with my camera and also to break up some of my blogging wordiness with some pictures; I had plans to coerce my children into some sort of fun photo session.
Alas, Sawyer is NOT in the mood, it's a dark dreary day, and I lost my motivation after a bummer phone call this morning. (a big fat negative on the babysitting thing... last minute decision that location wasn't as convenient as hoped?)

So guess what you get today? More words!!

We had a pleasantly nice spring break week.
I remember thinking last Sunday, when two certain little people in my house were both on my last nerve, that it hadn't dawned on me to dread spring break. And that if Sunday were any indication of a week at home with these two kids to myself, I should be dreading it. That it would be a lot of work to keep them entertained and keep us all enjoying ourselves.
But really I was looking forward to spring break. I was looking forward to the break from routine and having more time to do things and not be restricted by any schedule.

We did a lot of fun stuff and the kids actually got along really well together and I think we all had an overall great week.
Monday, as I said, we went to the zoo just us three and we had a great time, followed by a fun lunch out and us taking our own sweet time getting back home.
Tuesday we were at MOPS all morning, went to the library and just hung out all afternoon.
Wednesday we were back at the zoo with friends and we had a great (albeit chilly) morning with lots of chatting and strolling around much of the zoo. We had a nice leisurely picnic lunch, followed by more chatting and strolling.
Thursday morning someone finally took our riding lawnmower off our hands, Savannah had a birthday party to go to and Sawyer and I spent some time at the grocery store.
Then finally on Friday, we picked Ryan up at work for lunch and then all spent the afternoon at the Science Center together, finishing the day up by going out for ice cream. Also picking up a couple of fun things at Target.

Today we spent the morning cleaning up the playroom and getting the rest of the house in order for the family that didn't end up coming by. Yeah, I'm bummed about that being a wash. Really bummed.
I've been trying to cheer myself up this afternoon by researching/planning a trip for Ryan and I to get away while my parents are here in a few weeks. It's not working too well as I have a lot of ideas of where to go, but keep thinking things like we should probably spend that money on something more practical like a freezer or toward a new stove or just plain not spend it. So that's not turning out to be the cheeriest way to spend my afternoon. Unless I won the lottery this weekend. Then it'd be a lot more fun to plan a trip.
Although it'd be pretty tricky pulling off that win, considering I didn't buy a ticket.


Mom said...

Glad to hear that your week was an enjoyable one.I do miss the pictures,but love hearing all the details. I'm sorry that you are bummed about not getting the babysitting job.But don't give up on the weekend getaway.XOXOXOX

Heather S. said...

Sorry the babysitting didn't work out!! I'm sure something else will work out!!

K.M.L said...

Glad you guys had a pretty good spring break and thank you again for the lawnmower! :) I'm glad we were finally able to get it! Happy Sunday!

Nicole said...

ugh... sorry to hear about the babysitting thing

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