Thursday, March 26, 2009

boys, birthday and bows

I'm feeling guilty about not blogging much lately.
I keep thinking I need to be writing here.
I want to be writing here.
It's just been this odd combination lately of being busy with life, things not all that much of significance to write about, but yet there are things I do want to write about a.) to record them here "journal-like" and 2.) to just say them "outloud" to someone and get them out of my head.

So I'll just start with the randomness.
I may be getting a part time job. I've been looking for a month or so... obviously nothing that would require me paying for any kind of childcare, but I'd still like to make a little something extra.
I've been watching craigslist for mostly part time babysitting/nanny situations. Not much works out though between Savannah's school schedule and some of our evening commitments. Any afterschool hours things often require shuttling of kids from school or to activities and I just don't have room in my car for much more than my own kids. Even many childcare situations in our home were a stretch... lots of people are looking for certified in-home care givers, and if given my ideal situation I wouldn't have extra kids here in the morning trying to get Savannah off to school or too late in the afternoon because my husband gets home on the early side and it's nice to have that family time. Not that I'm not flexible with that; I'm just saying Ideally.

Well after weeks of frustration (and many many listers not responding at all!!) I finally heard back from a family that seemed almost too good to be true. They have two boys, a three year old (who's actually just two weeks older than Sawyer) and a six month old, and they're looking for someone to watch these little guys during the week from mid-morning 'till about 4 in the afternoon Monday thru Thursday. In my home. Well, whoever they decide on's home, but let's just pretend that'll be me!
How perfect is that?! Not only would I get a sweet little baby to love on (and tide me over until we can get this adoption stuff really going), but finally a little boy friend for Sawyer. -I tell you, this kid is so girled out it's not even funny any more. I was beginning to think other three year old boys don't exist in this part of the country!!-

Anyway, the mom and I have emailed back and forth a bit and they're all coming by this weekend to meet and talk more details. Yay! I'm oddly excited about this.
On one hand it'll be strange to be somewhat tied down to the house (again with the not enough room in my vehicle thing!). And to go from two kids to four kids four days a week. But then again, it's getting into reliably nice weather time around here and we can take lots of walks and go to the playground and feed the ducks and play outside a lot more. I'm hoping the boys would actually play together and we would find lots of stuff to do around here.
I'm trying to keep myself from thinking how perfect it would be... Sawyer would be happy with someone his own age and of his own interests to play with, I would be more than happy to have a baby to take care of again, and the extra money would be so nice.
So we'll see how that pans out.

Hmmm... what else.
I'm afraid this is turning into way too many words for one sitting.
I'd like to say the reason I need to be updating here more regularly again is to keep my posts short and sweet. But let's face it; we all know that's not true. It doesn't matter whether I write every day or just once a week, my blog posts are too lengthy regardless...
Oh well.

SJ's birthday party plans are in full swing. She's having a pajama party in a couple of weeks. I made the mistake of showing her some cake ideas weeks ago, but now I thought of the (much easier) idea of a simple pancake cake and I'm having trouble talking her into it. She's picturing a cake with girls in sleeping bags on it... which would be completely cute, albeit lots of fondant and work on my end. So now I'm picturing giant pancakes piled high with whipped cream frosting in between and maybe some chocolate or strawberry sauce drizzled over the "cake" with whipped cream and berries and tall candles to top it off. Savannah loves pancakes, and wouldn't that be so much simpler cute for a pajama party??
I'm just trying to convince Savannah of that.

What would you vote for? Some sort of pajama/slumber party theme fancy cake or a pancake cake?

Anyway, everyone'll be in their pj's and we'll have some games and snacks and of course watch a movie in their sleeping bags and stay up late. It won't be a sleepover, but we'll make it a "late" night. She's been talking about it for months! I think it'll be fun.

Oh, and one other thing that I've been meaning to post.
My lovely bloggy friend Kim in Canada (yes, that's actually what I call you, Kim, when I recall any of your stories to to my husband or anyone who doesn't know you... you know, Kim, in Canada? With Morgan? haha!) ... she started up her own Etsy shop with some adorable bows and clippies for little girls. Perfect for the fine baby hair, even if there's not much there! Check out her shop if you have any little girly heads to buy for:


Anonymous said...

I say tell her that mommy doesn't know how to make frosting to look like girls in sleeping bags, so the next best thing would most definitely be the pancake cake! Or you could compromise and maybe buy a couple cheap little dolls and stuff them into some cute little socks (a.k.a. sleeping bags) and use those as cake topper decorations.

AshleyB said...

I LOVE the pancake idea... I'd totally try to go for it! You might win her over with enough whipped cream and sweets along with the pancakes ;) I am all for "alternative" birthday cakes. For the longest time I didn't have birthday cake at all, but strawberry shortcake. It was a totally cool memory for me. Good luck with the job!!

Mom said...

Just tell Savannah the truth. Too hard to do sleeping bags!Pancakes are great.It will be really cute. Take lots of pictures!I hope & pray that if the "babysitting" is right for all concerned ,that everything works out beautifully,and it IS a perfect fit. XOXOX

Katie said...

Congrats on the babysitiing gig, hopefully! Sounds like it'll work out great for you....

I vote for the pancakes....they sound delish....Mmmmm I'm hungry now!:)

Anonymous said...

I'm raising my hand... I have a 3 year old boy that is "girled" out too. We need to just plan something to get them together. I didn't realize that L and Savannah were in the same birthday month.

K.M.L said...

I hope everything works out with the babysitting, that would be good for Sawyer to have a boy to play with and you could get your baby fix! I would go for the pancake cake...yum!

Anonymous said...

Heather I tried the whole girls in the sleeping bags(from Family Fun). It didn't work out to well for me, but you are much more talented. I hope Savannah enjoys her PJ Party, it was a big hit with Cloey.

Mom said...

What month of Family Fun was it in?I kind of wanted to see the sleeping bags on a cake.(?) I can just imagine the detail needed!

Nicole said...

The babysitting prospect sounds perfect! The vehicle thing does suck with 4 kids... on Saturdays when I have Aubri and Addi I feel so stranded at home. Hence... thinking sometime we'll end up with a mini. Good luck meeting them this weekend... let us know how it goes.

SJ's party sounds fun. I'd just tell her you that you don't know how to make it and do the pancake tower. That sounds fun... and I'm sure she'll love it once she sees it. Have you shown her pics online of them?

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