Monday, March 30, 2009

not what I pictured

Yes, I wanted to break up my wordy posts as of late with a few snapshots...
but this isn't what I had in mind.

We woke up Sunday morning to
about three inches of wet snow.

And a broken tree.

We're assuming it was a combination of the really windy night and the wet heavy snow on the newly bloomed tree. Either way, it makes me really sad. These trees on the side of our house were so pretty. Now this one's half gone. Of course, the one on our corner, the one everyone sees when they first pull into our neighborhood.

I hope it survives, but regardless, it'll be awfully lopsided for a long long time. :(

(And yes, we had a crazy few inches of snow, but it was gone by noon and we're back to full-on spring weather. 65 degrees today!)


jenny said...

snow in the morning and beautiful green springy grass in the afternoon - i'm jealous of the green! i am so sick of snow and ice and everything in between. your poor tree! we have so many of those in our town now from our ice storm - it is SO sad. things are lopsided all over the place. :(

Amanda said...

Oh my your beautiful tree!!! Oh, and ours have finally started blooming here Indy.

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