Wednesday, February 4, 2009

the eyes have it

I always feel a little silly entering some of these same contests as real and amazing photographers... I am not even close to pretending that I know what I'm doing, and my images are almost laughable compared to most of theirs. I do however, stumble upon some shots in my camera every once in awhile that I love and decide, what the heck, it's fun to enter. Nicole introduced me to this new site, I Heart Faces, all about getting up close and sharing the faces we love through our cameras. Each week they open a contest with a theme and not only is it so fun to go through and see everyone's perspective on capturing faces, it's a great place for not-really-photographers like me to learn and be inspired!

So the above picture is my entry for this week's "The Eyes Have It" theme. It's from almost a year ago, but Savannah's eyes are what have always stood out to me in this picture, and although I can never quite decide what exactly her eyes are saying here, I kind of like it that way. That, and her eyes are such an amazing combination of color... they're not really hazel, but a freckled mix of distinct brown, blue, green and gray. Very cool to look at and I love when I get a good shot of them.

Check out the other faces at the blog:


Anna Sophia said...

Her eyes are just beautiful! :-) Great picture!!

Brooke said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my picture. :) This one is awesome too! I totally noticed the different colors in her eyes, they are so pretty. You captured a wonderful shot.

Zoe said...

i entered too and i'm a suck ass photographer. she is a seriously beautiful girl and her eyes are amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the pic Heather. You are quite the photographer these days. Keep it up

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