Tuesday, January 13, 2009

the year of the paint

As I think about the things I want to accomplish in this coming year, projects I want to get done, progress to be made on our house... there is one glaringly obvious theme: Painting.

We are going to be doing a lot of painting this year.

Wanna see my list so far??

Seems easy enough... starting with the little things:
  • Paint some frames, a bulletin board and a lamp in Savannah's room.
Then we get a little bigger:
  • Paint Savannah's nightstand, her desk and her chair (these are all secondhand and are in dire need of a new coat of paint/have never matched in the first place). Hmm... should probably touch up her bed too while we're at it.
And bigger yet:
  • Paint the master bathroom we patched up last summer.
  • Paint the main wall at the top of the stairs.
  • Paint the deconstructed closet wall in the playroom.
  • Paint (two story) entryway.
  • Paint all the trim and shutters on the outside of the house.
And because we have no money and want a quick fix on some things I despise in my house, I'll go ahead and throw even more projects in there:
  • Paint kids' bathroom cabinets and cupboard.
  • Paint kitchen cabinets.

I know I'm probably leaving something off the list.
Can you tell my solution for everything is paint it?!?
Seriously, when I was first out on my own I used my "crafty" tendencies and empty pocketbook and realized a nice foundation for my general outlook on life; don't like something? -paint it!!
(And yes, there were times I wished that applied to people and relationships too!)

I had one long time friend who was my perfect partner in all this... anything we came across that needed to be fixed, repurposed, renewed; Paint It was our answer for everything. It became our mantra.

To this day, I just love how a simple coat of paint can completely change something. Old furniture, old frames, vases, containers, a wall, a whole room --you name it and a few strokes of a paintbrush or a can of spray paint can give it a new life. It can become something totally different.

I have big plans for my paintbrush this year.
What have you painted lately?


Heather S. said...

I have some painting projects for this year, too! I would like to paint our entire main floor! We probably won't even start thinking about it until this summer, but I am already overwhelmed with possibilities!!

Anonymous said...

this weekend i'm hoping to paint max's bathroom. and then i want to paint ours this year. and touch up the paint in our family room and repaint or at the very least touch up the paint in our playroom. and assuming max moves into a new 'big boy' room i'll paint that. and i suppose it's POSSIBLE i could be painting a nursery in 2009? okay, i guess there's a lot more painting in my future than i originally thought when reading this...

Amie R. said...

this is so funny, because i am so in paint mode as well. most of my house needs some paint or at least some touching up of paint. i have a hard time finding time to paint though.

Gabe and Heidi's P.A.D. said...

Other than painting after our remodel project, I haven't painted anything lately. We will need to paint the outside of our house this summer. Especially if we want to sell it. Yuck!

Nicole said...

Ohhhh painting... we've painted so much in the past 6 months. Our room, hallway, P's room, H's room, upstairs bathroom, living room, playroom, dining room, foyer, mudroom.... There isn't much left to paint! I have been itching to slap a coat of neutral paint on our downstairs bathroom, and hopefully in the next few months paint the guest room (I got a new duvet for it, so it'll look halfway finished if it were painted). Other than that... we need to do some major remodel work (basement) before we do painting elsewhere.

Furniture... I need to paint the headboard in the guest room, Porter's dresser and that's about it.

LeeAnn Howard said...

I love what paint can do! We've painted all the rooms in the house, except for our bedroom. Im hoping to do that in the spring when we can have the windows open. And of course we will have to paint the spare bedroom into a baby's room. That will be done in the spring too. Of course you have seen the DVD shelves that I recently painted. And am hoping to spray paint the TV stand as well to match it.

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