Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Found out when Ryan got home from work yesterday that he's having meetings all day today for announcements on reorganization and "restructuring".
I think we all remember that word from last time.

Of course Ryan mentions this not even an hour after I posted this.
Ironic much?

Ryan says he's not worried, that he's pretty sure he's okay. His group has still got everything slated to move into their new buildings in April (which will be cutting his commute time in half- yay!!) and knowing they've been moving forward with that has been somewhat comforting.
On an individual scale, I'm not too worried about Ryan... I think he's proven himself valuable to a lot of people. If that ever matters. It's just the possibility of groups/labs getting axed that makes me nervous.

Keep your fingers crossed that he's staying put!

(article released today)

ETA: All is good for now; Ryan's group is still intact. They have some shuffling and restructuring to do, and it my involve Ryan taking on more responsibilities and mentoring roles, but that is good. Now he just can't wait to get moved into the new building this spring and be closer to home... and around the corner from Chick-fil-A for lunch! :)


Christy said...

praying everything works out. keep us posted.

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