Thursday, January 15, 2009

yup, it's cold

I'm really glad I don't live anywhere where a negative 20 degree windchill is normal. Cuz I'm not a fan.

There was talk last evening of school being called off today because of the 0* temperatures and the minus 15 to 20 degree windchill. Many districts in our area did call because of the dangerous cold, but we were still on here. It was notable though, considering that the norm for our block has kids outside 20 minutes early for the bus, even in the winter; playing foursquare or throwing footballs around or sliding around on any ice puddles. Even when it's freezing out, the kids still gather early to enjoy a little hang out time (even kids who aren't getting on the bus- preschoolers, homeschoolers, private schoolers, etc) and half the parents are out there visiting as well. This morning however, everyone waited inside their front doors and as the bus pulled up kid by kid quickly emerged from each of their houses all bundled up to basically run right on to the bus.
Twenty degrees below zero just isn't right.
There's a reason we don't live up north, thankyouverymuch.

Sawyer and I ventured out to the church this morning bible study. It was funny to see him take such notice of the cold. Normally it doesn't phase him in the least. He's not a complainer like the other little person around here and it always seems he really could care less what the weather is. This morning however, he was in awe of the chill. Even bundled up with barely half of his face showing, he kept saying over and over, "yep, it's a super freezing day today!"

Along with this cold weather we're trying to fight off our first colds of the season as well. Except for Savannah's rendezvous with strep throat the first week of school, we have been lucky enough to stay cold and flu free so far this year. Then this Tuesday Savannah came home from school losing her voice and coughing (and that's been off and on since) and yesterday Sawyer woke up looking just miserable. You can hear his head is all stuffed up and he just has those tired, almost fever eyes. No fever as of yet, but he took a four hour nap yesterday, so you know he's fighting something!
So I feel like they're both right on the edge, and I'm trying to keep them well-rested, fed and watered right so as to just kick this cold stuff right out the door.

Especially because we gots stuff to do this weekend!
The Robertsons are coming for the long weekend and we're very much looking forward to spending some fun time with them, not to mention finally meeting baby Solomon. I'm sure they'd appreciate a germ free house to stay in.

So I'm off to put together a good stave-off-a-cold lunch for the kids, get them down for naps (sleep today Savannah, please!!) and wash sheets, change toothbrushes, and all around disinfect this house!


Mom said...

Hope your weekend is enjoyable and those colds stay away. We are heading to the coast and the weather is supposed to be sunny!! Yeah!XOXOX

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