Monday, January 12, 2009

we have a new record

I just realized today that we passed a milestone in our home this New Years.

New Years Day 2009 marks the first time we've spent a whole calendar year, from January to January, in one home.

We've actually been in our home for 18 months, which ties for our record of length of staying in one place since we've been married:
  • Married May 31st, 2002, moved into our first townhouse together
  • December 2003, moved into my parents' daylight basement (we were technically here for almost exactly a full Jan-Jan calendar year, but I'm not counting it since we weren't living in our own place)
  • late January 2005, moved to Salem, Oregon
  • mid May 2006, moved to Jackson, Michigan
  • mid June 2007, moved to O'Fallon, Missouri
  • (January 2009... still here!!)
And there you have it... tho we've stayed in each place we've called home for just a little over a year, this January was the first we've celebrated New Years in the same home twice!
And next month we'll have beat our record for length of stay in any one spot!!
Hmmm... think we'll make it to two years?!?


Ryan said...

i did not know that!

Mom said...

I think you FOUND your "Home Sweet Home" . I just wish it was closer. XOXOXOXOXOXO

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