Tuesday, January 20, 2009

guess what?

Now I'm the one who's sick.
Apparently a week of helping the kids stave off their colds (combined with more colds that came to visit with our friends this weekend?!) wore me down. I woke up Saturday and Sunday with a sore throat and then by yesterday (Monday) I was full blown sick. I felt like I barely left the couch. Between my stuffed up head, my sore throat, my voice coming and going, and my cough, I was great company let me tell ya.
Really, it wasn't that bad... I haven't been sick in a long time and it was kind of nice to just lay around and take it easy. It was good timing too, considering Ryan had Monday off work, there was no school, and we all had a complete hunker down and veg out, never leave the house kind of day.

The real bummer part is that Heather had her baby this past weekend and because of this sick house, we obviously haven't been able to get up to the hospital to see them. I'm actually feeling much better today (except for a killer headache) so I'm hoping I can get over there as soon as they get home midweek. I'm dying to meet that tiny baby girl!!

Let's see... what else can I fill you in on about the weekend?
We had a great time as usual with the Robertsons. We all kept saying over and over how fun it is now that the boys are older and everyone can just go play! Ben and Sawyer are less than 8 weeks apart in age and so we've of course always been hoping they'd be fast friends. In actuality, they've spent the first three years of their lives pretty much just tolerating each other. In typical toddler fashion, they've butted heads quite a bit, but mostly it seemed they kind of just tolerated each other. This time, now that they're both big three year olds (how did that happen??) they are finally playing with each other, having conversations, making up games together and having dance offs. It actually warmed up just enough to bundle up and get some fresh air for a bit:

Sawyer loved having Benny come stay with us. He was bummed when they left.
J was great fun too... he's such a sweet little guy and absolutely cracked me up!

And of course we got to meet the bay-bee... who's not such a little baby anymore. I can't believe Solomon is already 5 months old! Man, I'm afraid to blink anymore these days; these kids are going to be teenagers the next time I look!

(see previous years' stair shots -it's become a tradition of ours- here and here)

Anyway, we had a great weekend (aside from all of us nursing these stupid colds) eating a ton of good food, including a night of chinese take out, playing games, and catching up.

To see them off we all went to The St Louis Mills Mall Sunday morning to catch a little of the Blues hockey practice and to let the boys run off some energy on the indoor playground before their long drive home. After the Robertsons left we hit up a couple of the outlet stores and then had lunch before we headed home as well.

It's been snowing off and on this morning. I wish it would just really snow. It's been so freaking cold this winter, but we've had absolutely no snow worth mentioning around here. I'd like at least one good snowfall before spring arrives!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you got a cold too. Good thing that you had the Monday holiday just to relax and get well.That's a bunch of cute kids!!It was fun to see & compare pictures from past visits!XOXOXOXOXOX Mom

amierobertson@mac.com said...

We had so much fun!! Sorry about the cold bugs!

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