Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I feel like I've been so scatterbrained lately. So random.
It doesn't help that I barely slept last night. I was in bed by 10:30, but I doubt I slept at all until almost 2. And slept fitfully after that. I just could not quiet my thoughts. And it spilled over into my dreams when I did actually drift off.
Ryan and I got some news yesterday that just sent my mind spinning... so try as I might to sleep, I spent most of the night excitedly, apprehensively, nervously, tentatively imagining, wondering, hypothesizing, planning and praying.
Hehe... I know that's cryptic; there's just no way I can begin to talk about it at this point.
Yet it's all I'm thinking about.

In other (scattered) news...

I'm feeling much better today. Past the worst, I'm at the point I think where I sound worse than I feel! HA!

It's sunny and "warm" today. Warm is relative, of course, but it's supposed to be in the mid 40's today. Almost 60 tomorrow. Can't wait to get the kids outside to play for a bit!! And our garage has been suffering in this cold weather. Stuff just gets thrown out there or when we have to go out and grab something it's just dig, grab it and run back in, so it's getting a little disheveled. I finally sold my old dining room table, so it's out of there, I have a load to take to Goodwill, we have to pull out tractor and clean it up for our "trade" with the Laughlins, and all around put the garage back together and give our cars some room to breathe again.

We (finally) have our appointment for Sawyer with a Pediatric Dermatology Specialist at the Children's Hospital in St Louis tomorrow. I know I haven't gone into detail on that stuff on the blog yet, but I'm hoping after seeing the dr's tomorrow there won't even be any reason to. Or at least a concrete diagnosis instead of more of the past three months of wondering. I know. Cryptic again. I'm not meaning to here, I'm just too tired to get into it.

I, for some random reason, really liked this post over at Dooce yesterday. Really liked it.

I picked up my produce basket this morning from my neighbor. And I weighed it today. Sometimes I think I should back my car up into her driveway to pick up my stuff... it's not always easy to carry that big full awkward basket kitty corner across the street. It's heavy! So I was curious and weighed it today. Just over 40lbs of produce for $20. That's good, isn't it? And supposedly prices are at the peak right now. Today's basket included lettuce, potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, green beans, tomatoes, green peppers, acorn squash, mushrooms, limes, grapefruit, oranges, nectarines, apples, bananas and a big pineapple.
I'm hungry.

I'm not a Facebook-er. I have pages on MySpace and on Facebook, not because I'm ever over there posting messages or "writing on walls" or whatever it is that people do over there (do I sound like I'm old and out of the loop or what?!), but just for a place marker of sorts... so once in a blue moon I can meander through and find some long lost friend or, more often, some long lost friend stumbles over my page and finds me.
Lately, however, it seems I'm over on Facebook almost every day. There seems to be this sudden influx of people from my past either jumping on the Facebook train, or just finally getting connected with people I've already found on there. I've been getting message after message of requests or updates and yesterday (hold on to your hats!) I actually sought out a few old classmates and sent friend requests of my own (and found an old friend's blog -yay!!). It really is fun to see where people are and what they are doing and look like some 15-20 years later. Yikes. 15 years since high school. How did that happen?!?
Anyway. All that to say, as much as I'm starting to like it, I don't like it! I don't have time for this, people!! And yes, I know I'm way behind on this bandwagon, but I've been avoiding it for a reason. I don't want to get sucked in.
I wish everyone just had blogs. I could peek more into their lives, get updates in my reader, and communicate via commenting and good old fashioned email. Forget this "writing on someone's wall" stuff.
I'm going to stop rambling now, as this could turn into what should be a post in itself.

I've lost 7lbs in two weeks. Kinda happy about that.

Sawyer just pulled a string cheese stick out of the fridge and came over to ask me if he could have it... with a "pretty pretty pretty pleeeeease?!?" and -get this- a complete head tilt and full on batting of the eyelashes.
Who's kid is this??

Well, I should think that is enough scatterbrainedness for you for one day!
You're welcome.


Mary said...

congrats on the 7 lbs!
Good luck at the pediatrician tomorrow. Hopeufully you get the answers you want :)

Anonymous said...

i was late to jump on the facebook bandwagon, but i have to admit that i love it fun to find old friends and classmates!

Katie said...

Wow! 7 lbs. you go GIRL! I need to get motivated!

I hope you can keep some peace of mind with whatever is going on... I have a friend who ALWAYS tells me "this too shall pass", just try to keep positive, I'm sure everything will work out just as it's supposed too. Okay, I'm acting as though I know what the heck is going on & I haven't a clue...Ha!

Nicole said...

I'm a facebook addict too. See you on the other side!! HAHAH

Amie R. said...

I hope that your "news" has something to do with what I was bugging you about all weekend!

I will be thinking about you guys tomorrow. Keep us informed about how it all goes.

Amie R. said...

Oh my I just confirmed what I thought was true! Now I am not going to be able to sleep! I would tell you how I confirmed it, but it may give it away AND it may make me look like a certified stalker! :)

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