Wednesday, December 17, 2008


What I've been keeping busy with for the past five days:

There are a few gifts I didn't take pictures of (or can't because it would ruin the surprise), but here's a glimpse of what we've been up to...

ribbon and button bookmarks I made for our Book Club holiday party

big gift #1:

big gift #2

the kids' projects for gifts completed

and more kid project/decorating stuff

And more importantly the stuff from the kitchen...

this is the new Corny Snack mix I tested out this year... I needed a substitute for the good ol' Chex Mix since we're now a peanut allergy house (and Chex mix is just not the same with missing ingredients). This is soooo yummy!
I've dubbed it the Triple Corny Crunch... since the three ingredients are corn chips, Corn Pops cereal, and popcorn. HA!

and just for the kiddos
(perfect use for the leftover popcorn from above!)
I used jello powder instead of food coloring and they smell sooo yummy!

these are cookies, btw... not pancakes :)

THE brownies

on our list today:
making and packaging Cocoa Mix and Homemade Marshmallows and fancy gourmet caramel apples for teacher/bus driver goodie bags! I'm waiting for Savannah to get her hands in on this one with me and I'll take pics today.


Christy said...

These all look amazing!! I will have to try the triple corn crunch-- I think with my wheat allergies I can have all those-- just not sure about corn pops cereal. :)

And those bookmarks are SUPER cute!

Ryan said...

you did a great job on all of these projects. i am sure that everyone will love them. and i know that i love the triple-corny-crunch snack mix. i can't stop eating it.

the Zimels said...

So cute! Thanks for posting pictures of your Christmas crafts - great ideas! I love it! I'll have to post some of ours up too and let the idea-sharing continue!

Kim said...

Wow! Crafty..

Gabe and Heidi's P.A.D. said...

Fun stuff!
I've never made popcorn balls but I remember mom making them all the time.

Nicole said...

Good Lord Martha! The projects look great. I can't even find the time to freaking do normal gifts (or anything on my to-do list for what its worth!) let alone cute crafty ones!! Awesome.

Mom said...

I am impressed.You should be proud.I would imagine you had a lot of fun making 'em all too!

K.M.L said...

Wow! You have been busy! Nice job...

Jac said...

Wow! All the projects look amazing! Please post pics once you get everything finished.

Anonymous said...

Love the bookmarks. I made some of those for my dad's wife this year but they don't look that cool. Yours turned out awesome.

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